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Soul Herd articles are contributed by equine creatives who devote their lives to understanding and engaging with horses. In this modern era of equestrianism, it is becoming clear many horse guardians are also turning their attention to this awakening journey. Soul Herd is a community for those who listen to horses. We seek to share and enjoy our kinship with them.

Soul Herd is also a support system and resource base for those who may feel that they are alone, and yet there are so many kindred spirits, all over the world and we all have something unique to bring.

Stuart Attwood

How well designed horse track systems…


Those unique moments of kinship are…

A Journey To Trust

Communication and connection with our horses…

golden surrender

Golden surrender is a state of…

You are alive

You are Alive through this body,…

The equestrian world is vast, and although there are guidelines, it is unwise to think that there is one right way to be in the presence of a horse. Each experience… every moment with every horse, is an opportunity to find a greater connection, a deeper understanding. As more of us are listening, more horses are finding their voice and the partnerships evolve.

Horse Management

Explore interesting perspectives on all areas of holistic horse management

Who we are as a person, and our unique background with horses, gives us all a different perspective on horsemanship. Soul Herd articles reflect this diversity, offering a judgment free window into the lives of passionate horse people. Those who truly love the horse are here, those who are expanding our understanding and our limits, and those who wish to grow.

Horse Human Relationship

Discover how horse creatives are exploring the connection between horses and humans
Horses Power

Giving The Horses Back Their Power 

Over the summer we have been facilitating a profound transmission as a herd. Giving the horses back their power has been an unfolding energetic process.…

ByCamille DareauOctober 24, 2023

Can we trust horses to look after themselves in the right environment? Are we ready to reduce the control we have held tightly in so many circumstances? Do horses care about joining with us, so we can replace insistence with invitation, and assumptions with humility? These are the questions equine creatives are asking. Discover their answers in our articles.

Horse Girl

Horse Girl: A Journey Home by Susanna Newsonen

BySusanna NewsonenFeb 12, 2024309

Horse Girl: A Journey Home at age nine, as I sat on a horse for the first…

Your Horse Believes In You

Your Horse Believes In You

ByBeth Lauren ParrishFeb 10, 20231855

I had the idea of writing about my teaching philosophy, since I started Inspired Riding… That was…

Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity

Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity

ByKim HallinJul 6, 20222832

“Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity” is my first book. I wrote it because the horses asked…

Feature Articles

Hospice For Horses

Hospice For Horses

Awareness of hospice for horses is growing as we challenge traditional beliefs I never…

ByMary WalbyJune 18, 202251658 views

Spiritual Horsemanship

Camille in dialogue with Aimee

The spirituality of our horsemanship is redefined every day when we enter the presence…

ByCamille DareauJuly 18, 202250167 views

Medicine Herd

Medicine Herd

If spirituality is that aching, inner sense of the numinous, that draw to return…

ByDawn Oakley-SmithAugust 9, 20222646 views

The Liberating Power of Riding a Horse Bitless

The Liberating Power of Riding a Horse Bitless

There are so many reasons why riding bitless is the next step for many…

ByCamille DareauSeptember 24, 20222456 views

Herd Wisdom

You are alive

You Are Alive

Jun 10, 20231331

You are Alive…

Rediscovering Sensitivity

Rediscovering Sensitivity

May 10, 20231475

The reason most…

Change with the Seasons

Change with the Seasons

Apr 24, 20231539

As horses we…

Are You Ready For Herd-ness? 

Are You Ready For Herd-ness? 

Mar 15, 20231711

Dissolving the distance…


Flow Horse Through You

Feb 16, 20231847

Life flows through…


Be Kind and Creative With Your Thoughts

Jan 7, 20232006

Horses are exposed…


Beyond Separation, July 2023

Beyond Separation, July 2023

Aug 4, 20231103

A Separate World Going beyond separation seems to be the one unitive purpose we all share. Recognising the difference between…

Witnessing Love

Witnessing Love, June 2023

Jun 29, 20231256

Witnessing love is such an inspiring choice we can make, and if Soul Herd has an identity, this would be…

Taking Down the Fences, May 2023

Taking Down the Fences, May 2023

Jun 1, 20231366

Taking down the fences between us is happening in many joyous ways in these times. I decided last month to…

Let’s Talk Herd Reflections

The Horse Experience

The Horse Experience

May 8, 20231488 views
The Inner Voice of Joy

The Inner Voice of Joy

Mar 28, 20231641 views
Let’s Talk Herd Reflections

Let’s Talk Herd Reflections

Nov 22, 20222152 views