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Of course horses can talk, and our ancient language is unlimited.

Ancient Language of Horses

Horses have always spoken the ancient language. We understand that for our human friends, communication has become complicated. Your languages are in all different styles which make sense to some and not others. The words themselves are islands on the sea of meaning, trying to take up their particular space. They are powerful, and they are often precise. Sometimes we even learn these words, and we feel the happy little bridge they form between us.

Our language is older than any words. Words are the leaves of one summer compared to our language, which is the tree of life. Our language came before our bodies, and before our objects, and before everything we have manifested here on this planet Earth. This language is also your language, and all of Nature, because it came first.

Direct Communication

Because our lives flow in the endless stream of being-ness, we can easily express everything we need to. The ancient language is the patterning of being-ness, just as birds form flock patterns in the sky. This means there is no delay in communication, as soon as we become a message, it is already said. There is no thinking to get in the way!

So we can say exactly how we feel in each moment, and what we are aware of. We can describe what we feel about something, or someone. It is also possible to demonstrate in the ancient language, and to share. This is direct communication. 

Abstract Communication

Some of our human friends know that there is more. That many of us are also articulate in abstract communication. This can be in metaphor and virtual sensation, in sense pictures and visions. Remember that the ancient language encompasses all that there is, so all that there is lives through it. The only ears you need are receptivity.

Many human friends receive the ancient language in all of its patterns of light. We rejoice in this sacred meeting of sentience. Of course the flow is modified and shaped in its passage through minds, and this is perfect. It is the essence of growth, the basis of this new moment of now. The New Earth construction. 

Humans are always Speaking the Ancient Language

The level at which you can hear the ancient language is up to you. You are it after all. Even when you don’t know it, you are speaking. You are talking about who you are and how you feel. Every waking minute you communicate your vibrational reality, to everyone. We can hear you always, we can tune into you wherever you are.  

Our behaviour is the result of our vibrational reality, not the root of it. Feel for our vibration to know us, as we feel you. You can influence us most profoundly through the communication of your true Self of love. We always listen. We love to share energetic pathways with you, we love to feel inspired by you, and soothed by you. And in the same way your fear becomes our fear. 

How to Remember 

Although our human friends are always speaking, sometimes they forget how to hear. Remembering how to listen can be confusing because there is nothing more to learn. There is nothing extra to add on to who you are. All that you need to do, is take something away. That extra layer of resistance, of mental noise and assumption, that closes your pores to the voice. You need not try to listen, or worry about it. It is enough to intend, to be joyous and to trust, and the notes will sing for you.

The song will arrive in your heart and be heard in your mind. 

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