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Why Support Soul Herd by Donating?

My intention for Soul Herd is to share kindness for the horses and their guardians as far and wide as possible. A horse is a big responsibility, and it is easy to get drawn into fear-based approaches that may create more problems than they solve. This community is inclusive, friendly and open minded. We are creating an environment of welcoming support and a profound resource base for all horse lovers.

It is so important to me and all of the equine creatives who are contributing their time and wisdom here, that our message is seen by as many horse loving people as possible. This is why I decided to go forward as a fully accessible platform without membership or paywall. I believe that support will come from those who can help because we all care about horses. And creating a kinder, more understanding world for them is fundamental to all of us, whatever our journey might be.

From the start I have cared very much about embracing everyone and their unique inner guidance. This is the path to a truly free world. And from what I know so far, I think the horses would agree!

They love us whatever our faults, so let’s give something back to them.

Your Support Is Priceless

Any size of donation allows me to continue to ensure that Soul Herd will grow and thrive.

Your gift is priceless, as it enables us to recreate our world and treat ourselves and our horses with wisdom and love.

Support Soul Herd