Soul Herd is bringing spirituality and equestrianism together and into the mainstream. It is time, and horse guardians are ready.

We are a platform for equestrian creatives who are illuminating the horse and human relationship in an authentic way that reflects the holistic awakening revolution of the past decade.

Everyone who resonates is welcome in the Soul Herd, and we are a voice for your truth: catching the miraculous wave of awareness that is rippling through the entire community of horse guardians and taking us forward into uncharted manifestations.

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Horse wisdom

Soul Herd is where humans express the wisdom of the horse. 

Horse lovers come with so many different perspectives based on their own unique journey.

And we celebrate these differences because they expand the space we all share with horses.

Somewhere within this vast potential is the personal truth for each one of us and although we tend to want to fit in with other peoples truth, the true joy of existence is embracing the unique awareness that is you.

This is why Soul Herd is inclusive and all-embracing with one single, invaluable parameter…

That the voice of the horses flows through our voice

Soul Herd in action

How we might express the wisdom we absorb from the horses in our lives is both limitless and diverse .

Soul Herd welcomes diversity just as horses welcome each other into the herd.

You are so welcome to join in any way that feels good. As a supporter, to enjoy and comment, or to contribute your own wisdom.. please explore. Join your unique influence with the whole herd, so our light is seen even in the darker corners of the equestrian world.

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