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Horse people of all kinds seem to be deeply attached to the concept of boundaries. Maybe this is because horses are such powerful animals, and since we domesticated them, we have been conscious of the need to subdue that power. We want to protect our relatively frail physical body, and our persistent ego!

It seems that boundaries can become obsolete in the light of mutual awareness. Sensitivity to one another is a natural dimension of mutual awareness. And it goes even deeper than that: in the vibrational dimension boundaries do not exist at all, just as space and time have no meaning. This dimension is quite accessible in the company of horses.

What is Horse Guardianship?

One issue in particular that threatens to bring heaviness into my heart is the question of horses being our captive dependants.

It is clear that they are in the physical sense, and all those who are awakening… that is essentially all horse guardians in some way, will meet this challenge in their own way.

Yet for me, there is something fundamentally unbalanced about seeing the situation in a purely physical way. This seems to encapsulate our issue with guilt, that, as human beings, that we cannot seem to let go.

White horse crossing a field, There are no boundaries

Yes there is very much a necessary phase of accepting and witnessing the physical reality, and what does that offer us? How does it help us or the horses to accept we are the gatekeepers, through our choice, not the horses… or so it seems. Clearly it helps us to reevaluate our expectations, our attitudes and our entire relationship with ourselves and with the horses.

And when we can return to the horses in a place of heightened awareness, even by a few degrees, we will be that much closer to being free. Because freedom is available to all of us, whatever physical or emotional barriers seem to hold us inside. 

Whose Choice Is It?

On the surface it is plain that we were the ones who built the fences, who initiate the dependency and who exploit horses. Just as we do and have done with so many fellow animals. The fact that this is the surface is an important distinction to make however. Looking with a softer gaze, and a more open heart, it becomes clear that this reality is only what is perceptible with our physical senses. This physical reality is shaped in every way by how we see it, and every player is here by their own volition. Including those of us who experience suffering at the hands of others. And of course those who appear to cause suffering are suffering also.

This isn’t something that can be proved, because the very seeking of proof is the lack of faith in the wholeness of everything. If we hold ourselves accountable for our darkness, then we have to believe in darkness.

In fearing a lack of accountability for darkness, you are really fearing that light is not stronger that darkness. That light cannot dispel darkness. Even in the physical realm this is clearly untrue.

There Are No Boundaries In Love

The horses tell me that there are no boundaries in Love, and no fences in Heaven. There are no enclosures in the Universal energy, and no vacuums in Nature. It doesn’t matter the words… below and above the words, beyond the skins we wear here, there are no boundaries. And the only real choice we have here on Earth is whether we see the boundaries or see the limitlessness.

Either we see the faults in each other or see the good. To be right or to be kind. All of the issues of that arise in the illusion of earth life, in the physical reality around us, are dissolved through this miracle of true seeing. The truth being that there is no pain, no suffering and no death. We have created the appearance of them by withholding our true seeing, by withholding our love. These things do not exist because darkness is nothing in itself, and in light it is not even a memory.

Asking For True Vision

So every time I feel the threat of that darkness, and I begin to allow it to trigger insecurities I still have about the existence of darkness, I remind myself of this.

There is no darkness in God.

How will we ever transcend the human illusion of separation until we let go of the darkness that our ego loves so much!?

Recently I have taken to asking the Universe, “let me see the truth in this situation”, ” Help me to see the light here”, ” I want to experience this person’s truth”.

And of course, the horses can show us how this is done. How to access the channel of open heartedness, and step by step come out into the beautiful truth.

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