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In this podcast Wild Wisdom with Ren Hurst we discuss some thought provoking subjects about being human and having horses in our lives.

Wild Wisdom With Ren Hurst

Part 1:

Ren shares her perspective with horses and how that came about in her life.

Part 2:

Going deeper into our relationship with horses and the different aspects of that. 

P.S Our discussion is cut short by five minutes as Ren’s audio did not record.

About Ren Hurst

Ren is a writer, mentor, tracker & guide helping people address the trauma of domestication through word, energy, and sanctuary.

​For the past decade, she has been mostly isolated and off-the-grid caring for over thirty animals in an undomesticated way. Ren does this while practicing and developing her body of work, Sanctuary13™, writing books, and slowly but surely embodying what she teaches around trauma and healing.

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