Beyond Separation, July 2023

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A Separate World

Going beyond separation seems to be the one unitive purpose we all share. Recognising the difference between feeling supported by the Universe, and feeling separate. It is noticeable in everything we do. Perhaps this is true for all of us, if we feel held, and loved, then we don’t need to individuate ourselves and our property in the same way as when we feel separate.

For example I notice how some people will be reluctant to share their intellectual property unless they are extracting a fee in some way. And I recognise this from my own experience. The habit of talking in subtitles, withholding information, directing attention in order to gain in some way. The parallels between this and how we relate to horses are clear. Enticing and promising, but delivering nothing until we have received what we want.

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Witnessing Love, June 2023

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Witnessing love is such an inspiring choice we can make, and if Soul Herd has an identity, this would be it.

Together we are creating ideas which come about through conversation. These ideas are the result of inspiration and collaboration. We are a Herd, formed through our mutual earthen awakening.

Whenever I lose the path or the joy in what is being created, I attune myself back with the Herd. Breathing back into the merging between us. The joining, not the separation.

This feels to be an essential point in coming to terms with our existence: that which we align with, will align us. We are creators with powers that are surely well beyond what we believe. And perhaps our greatest power is to choose what we focus on. Choosing is also breathing in, absorbing and becoming. In this sense there is not a truth to discover because everything and anything we imagine then exists. First in pure vibration, and as we feed it, it will grow and eventually manifest in the material world. 

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Taking Down the Fences, May 2023

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Taking down the fences between us is happening in many joyous ways in these times. I decided last month to remove the membership paywall and make Soul Herd podcasts and articles accessible to all. Although the Soul Herd Membership was a beautiful reciprocation allowing me to keep the site running, it didn’t feel as good as it feels knowing that the content is now unlimited.

The shift that prompted me to make this decision was an inner willingness to let go and trust. Both to trust that I don’t need to know how we will be supported, and the belief that we will be. 

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Message From The Horses, April 2023

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The horses’ message is simple, they want a relationship with us, a dialogue. It doesn’t have to be about abandoning everything, just the possibility of listening to each other.

Message From the Horses

It is not so much about the activities we do or don’t do with them, or even their living circumstances. Although it is clear that horses appreciate a lifestyle closest to their adaptive needs. These incredible beings are here to develop relationships with us. It is a funny thing about consciousness that we are trying to fit this vast bubble of energy into tiny little boxes called words. And of course these same words resurface over and over, even though the energy behind them has grown and expanded and evolved in a million shimmering little ways. 


I have a little idea that horses are really vast souls who come here just for this journey with us. To support our path, to engage with and embrace our ignorance and illuminate the collective human awakening. 

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Sharing Horse Magic, March 2023

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Horse magic is an enchanted world woven by horses. We all feel it at some level, at least those of us for whom horse company is a priority! Some of us understand it more than others, and appreciate it enough to want to know more. To make it our life and our passion, and to share it far and wide.

Over this last year it has been becoming clearer to me how much of the value in our relationship with horses is invisible. Invisible not only to the eye, but also to our western culture. That is why it is so readily dismissed in so many situations. It is also why the challenge of bringing it into our human awareness is so tantalising. The joy of sharing horse magic with others doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how challenging, and at times downright disheartening it can be. 

Night of the Red Horse 

When I was younger I read the wonderful books about a girl called Jinny. She lived in Scotland with her Arabian mare Shantih. In the books they have adventures together that were enchanting as well as addressing hard real life issues.

One summer Jinny was invited to paint in a Celtic ritual. I can’t remember the details, but periodically the mural in the sacred caves had to be repainted. The challenge was for the artist to emulate the true spirit of the horses, which were seen and felt at the ceremony beforehand.

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February 2023, Celebrating All The Ideas

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I love when new ideas are born. Maybe they just go out like a spark or they catch fire and gather momentum. Support mechanisms seem to arise out of the energies to support their growth like stepping stones. Letting go of attachment to whether an idea takes hold and expands, or snuffs out after a while has been very liberating for me. It allows the flow of ideas greater freedom, and less pressure to conform to any conditions. It also seems that every time the sparks are brighter and more joyous.

editorial february soul herd

Sharing that joy with others is one of the best things about Soul Herd. Every time a new kindred spirit joins, the way they are growing and the joy in it for them is delightful.

There is also something profoundly liberating in being able to celebrate another person’s journey, even when it is different from your own. I am continuing to explore the fullness of that. 

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Making The Invisible Visible, January 2023

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There is a distinction to be made between horsemanship and spiritual horsemanship. At some point in their life journey, a person who loves and appreciates horses will make the quantum leap from one perspective to the other. It doesn’t mean that they make a sacrifice or join a cult. Spiritual Horsemanship is a shift that happens in your heart. 


I have been diving deeply into the nature of what really matters to horse lovers. What I am feeling is an ephemeral, yet steady anchor that we can become aware of between the horses and ourselves.

Soul Herd is sharing, exploring and magnifying this seemingly invisible bond. We are making it visible by encouraging it’s manifestation and growth.

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Creating Gold, December 2022

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It was the horses, my Soul Herd, who first created the beautiful vibration of gold that embodies Soul Herd: The website, the magazine and the community itself. This gold is the vibrational field of their love, support and abundance. Their herd soul. When we do healing sessions together, or more accurately when I interpret their healing sessions for others, this golden vibration is the backdrop. The all-embracing space of unconditional love.

The horses are alchemists.

The way they weave and press, lever and build… the power of it is such a gift to experience. I don’t know how deeply I am actually able to receive or understand their multidimensional abilities, but even a hint is magical.

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Horse Consciousness Is Here, November 2022

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Horse consciousness is a collective energy that is just as powerful as human consciousness.

We might not think of it in that way, because power is often associated with control and exploitation. True power is the ability to receive. To be in alignment with our vibrational source, and let it flow through. And although it might seem that most horses are not receiving much pleasure in their lives here with us, that is only the surface view. The deeper view is that the horse collective are breathing themselves into our lives like healing mist.

They are engaging just as deeply as we do in the relationship, and in becoming themselves in it. This is why horse guardians are awakening to the dialogue between us. It is why some of us are feeling into a mutual way of working together that gives horses back their voice. Every time we find our inner truth more clearly, the horses are able to return more fully into their consciousness and into their bodies. Our lives are expanding together.

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