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Horse magic is an enchanted world woven by horses. We all feel it at some level, at least those of us for whom horse company is a priority! Some of us understand it more than others, and appreciate it enough to want to know more. To make it our life and our passion, and to share it far and wide.

Over this last year it has been becoming clearer to me how much of the value in our relationship with horses is invisible. Invisible not only to the eye, but also to our western culture. That is why it is so readily dismissed in so many situations. It is also why the challenge of bringing it into our human awareness is so tantalising. The joy of sharing horse magic with others doesn’t seem to go away, no matter how challenging, and at times downright disheartening it can be. 

Night of the Red Horse 

When I was younger I read the wonderful books about a girl called Jinny. She lived in Scotland with her Arabian mare Shantih. In the books they have adventures together that were enchanting as well as addressing hard real life issues.

One summer Jinny was invited to paint in a Celtic ritual. I can’t remember the details, but periodically the mural in the sacred caves had to be repainted. The challenge was for the artist to emulate the true spirit of the horses, which were seen and felt at the ceremony beforehand.

From what I remember, the lesson was that you never stop trying, no matter how many times you seem to fail. This is how I feel about our quest to bring the true nature of horses to the mainstream equestrian world. You keep searching, refining and exploring, just like water seeking out the path. And whether there is validation or results doesn’t matter, you can feel that the world is changing.

The Power of Direct Experience 

It could be that this quality in horses will always be invisible in most ways. And in seeking to witness it for others, we are really facilitating their inner eye to open. In the same way as we were awakened. Maybe the deepest joy will always be in direct experience, and every time we do experience horse magic directly, it will be amplified within the human consciousness. So the true sharing itself is also invisible, and is perfect just as it is. 

I know that if I feel downhearted or empty or uninspired in any way, I often only have to be within the herd for a few minutes and my fire is relit. All kinds of ideas begin to flood into my mind, and my heart comes open again.

Horse Magic

We lost our beloved Gracie dog recently, and I was feeling overwhelmed with the loss and the way it happened. Rafi came to stand with me and I shared how I felt with him. He just stood, fully present and deeply kind. He showed me that this is enough, to be there, solid, receptive and still. A vast generator of presence.

And I realised that all of the rest of it, the traumatic memories and the emotions and the intrusive thoughts and even the loss itself, were all extensions of this place that grow like ivy over the surface of our true self. And all they do is darken who we are. He only needed to show me his wholeness of being, and I could share it with him. To feel complete and free to just be me. 

Painting the Horses 

The journey of kindling the flame inspires me all over again, and I feel the same inspiration in so many of us. To continue to bring the equine voice in all of its wisdom and wholeness into our collective human mind. To paint and repaint the horses until the magic comes through enough for everyone to receive it.

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