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Opening A Space for Healing

Guided Meditations are a helpful way to still your mind and direct your awareness towards your authentic self. It is best to allow the words to flow through your mind without thinking about them too much. Imagine you are receiving them into the depths of your Self beyond ego and they will help you develop your own channel with your eternal Source.

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What is a Guided Meditation? Click here for description

During the challenging circumstances after my sister had a tragic accident I was inspired to start a meditation group to support her healing.

Along the way we came to realise that the healing is happening in all of us.

It could also be called awakening or resolving our collective ego. But is really as simple as coming into the loving relationships with each other that is our natural state of being.

Recently I decided to make the Meditations available to everyone.

Guided Meditations

Asking For Focus

Exploring Forgiveness

Asking For Guidance

Experiencing Sharing

Into The Light

Experiencing Perfection

Elemental Breath

Who Are We?

Giving Receiving

Identity Freedom

Healing the Darkness

I Am Who I Am

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Giving The Horses Back Their Power 

Over the summer we have been facilitating a profound transmission as a herd. Giving the horses back their power has been an unfolding energetic process. First recognising the human projection that has arisen as a result of the control paradigm we exercise over our equine dependents. Then after the projection was resolved, the horses’ power … Read more

All About Girl with Sheila Geraghty (2)

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All About Girl with Sheila Geraghty (2) is part 3 and 4 of our podcast for Girl, Sheila Geraghty’s exceptional mare. Sheila shares some of the remarkable experience of Girl’s transition out of her body, and we talk about the cleansing processes we are experiencing as humans in general.

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All About Girl with Sheila Geraghty

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Girl was (and is) an exceptional horse. She deserves her own podcast, and we realised it will be two podcasts to even start to do her justice! This first part is the background of her life, how she came to meet Sheila, and the way their lives intertwined in a deeply spiritual way. Sheila Geraghty is her loving, as well as lovely guardian who, like so many of our Soul Herd kindred spirits, is on a profound inner journey with horses.

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Beyond Separation, July 2023

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A Separate World

Going beyond separation seems to be the one unitive purpose we all share. Recognising the difference between feeling supported by the Universe, and feeling separate. It is noticeable in everything we do. Perhaps this is true for all of us, if we feel held, and loved, then we don’t need to individuate ourselves and our property in the same way as when we feel separate.

For example I notice how some people will be reluctant to share their intellectual property unless they are extracting a fee in some way. And I recognise this from my own experience. The habit of talking in subtitles, withholding information, directing attention in order to gain in some way. The parallels between this and how we relate to horses are clear. Enticing and promising, but delivering nothing until we have received what we want.

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