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Relationship Riding with Barbra Ann King is an exploration of the way we relate to horses. Barbra shares her evolution in this respect and we discuss the options available to horse guardians.

Relationship Riding with Barbra Ann King

Part 1:

Barbra shares what made her change her approach originally with horses and how her journey of communication with the horses evolved. 

Part 2:

Discussing where riding comes into our relationship with horses and seeing things from their perspective.

Part 3:

Going more deeply into how to listen to horses and interact with them. Barbra talks more about the premise of Relationship Riding and what it involves .

About Barbra

Barbra Ann King studied horse psychology and behavior to understand horses on a deeper level. For over 30 years, she has worked with horses labelled as difficult, stubborn, untrainable and dangerous. All of them were quickly rehabilitated into loving and safe horses by applying the Relationship Riding method. In her book, she explains why this method works, how to apply it yourself by using the six simple exercises based on natural horse behavior and shares extraordinary stories of horses that got a new lease on life by applying it.

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Opening to Consciousness with Relationship Riding, Second Edition

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