Golden Surrender

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Golden surrender is a state of being I have been blessed to come into, in the company of the horses. We didn’t create it, because it was already there.

Sometimes being human feels like a conflict between the power of my mind and the openness of my heart. I know that if I allow my mind to run unchecked, making up a story, it will have the power to influence my feelings. Is this the habit of western society, where there are hardwired patterns of thought that keep some people ensnared their whole lives? Patterns of thought like success is how much money you can make and how many others you can influence, or how many objects you can own.

Over time it becomes clearer that this route of the mind doesn’t really offer fulfilment. It seems to, because at each external success there is enough of a boost to take us to the next challenge. The joy is limited however, because there are so many conditions attached. And the conditions tend to multiply with experience! In other words we need more and more evidence in our lives that we are succeeding in order to feel happy.

golden surrender

Although I feel that I have understood the lack of authenticity in this pathway for a long time, understanding is not quite the same as fully living the authentic pathway. Yet this is where the horses are leading me.

Being with the horses isn’t about thinking or deriving joy from an identity. It is a multi sensory experience of living, and opening my heart to it is the way in. Every resistance that arises is met with a gentle, yet pervasive coherence. Just like water. Soaking, filling and teasing apart the superficial web of what is not true.

The truth is that we are already joy, and nothing else is necessary to experience it. Only an opening heart.

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Creating Empathic Space with Emelie Cajsdotter

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Excerpt from Creating Empathic Space with Emelie Cajsdotter

In this deeply inspiring podcast with Emilie Cajsdotter from Sweden, Emelie shares the empathic space she has been creating for many years, where demanding obedience from horses is obsolete. I am sure all of our Soul Herd members will take as much delight as I did in discovering more about Emelie’s journey with her epic herd of horses and other animals. 

In the excerpt Emelie shares her beautiful relationship with one particular mare and their remarkable discoveries together.

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Your Horse Believes In You

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I had the idea of writing about my teaching philosophy, since I started Inspired Riding

That was back in 2009. I even wrote a small ebook and a guide for Equestrians and Instructors. Those were certainly wonderful to have out there, but I felt like there was more to include at some point. It wasn’t until this past year, 2022, when I realized that it was finally time to sit down and write it out. I had accumulated so much more life experience to flush out a more comprehensive entire book. 

I got very clear messages from my horses that they wanted their very own section, to offer specific messages to humans. This way, I was able to divide the book into three parts. My teaching philosophy, my life journey, and the messages from the herd.

I feel very strongly that it will help so many more in the horse world and I am very proud that it’s available now. I hope that anyone who reads it, will find more ease, grace, and inspiration in their life. 

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What Is Vibrational Creation

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Why I Chose To Listen

Vibrational Creation is a phrase that has been coming into my mind recently to describe the journey with my herd. About six years ago we decided to put a more conventional training approach aside, and focus on our energetic communication alone. One of the most important intentions I started out with was to respect the horses wishes at every stage. I didn’t want our dialogue to be only for special occasions, or forgotten about when something else became more important. This is why we were able to attract a situation where we had the freedom to do that.

The listen in every moment approach feels so important because there were so many times previously I felt that I had to push over boundaries to achieve a connection. For example, ignoring when a horse didn’t want to come in the field to be ridden, or when I was about to mount and they were saying no. The same moments came when trimming feet or tending to a wound. There were always times when I would smooth over or jolly past that no

Despite enjoying the freedom of deciding to both listen and respond to what I hear, I am not saying that it is right, or the only way. In certain circumstances now I still do that. For example with our boarder who is being ridden more conventionally. If he feels a little uninspired, I help him to feel curious, and he enjoys our session. There is definitely a place for being the guiding light and a leader. Especially if your intention is still in the horse’s and their guardians best interests.

A New Way

I didn’t choose to listen to my horse’s opinions because I think it is always wrong not to.

I chose it because I know there is something to learn from horses. Something big and powerful and transformative. Something I can’t see the edges of yet. And yet I knew that if I listened deeply enough, and allowed the dialogue to flow enough, and expanded my horizons enough, we would go there together.

I also know that these particular horses have chosen this role. It is why they insist on certain things. They are creating a new pathway for all horses to choose to follow or not, but clearly it isn’t the right or the only way.

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The Subtle Dialogue with Horses

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One of the largest discrepancies between the human and horse perception of life that I have noticed is time..

Embracing The Natural Rhythm

The Herd

To align with the herd and become part of their world, the subtlety of it, takes time. When I say time, I mean accepting the gentle flow of change. Allowing it. Listening to the truth that doesn’t make itself obvious at the surface.

It is a truth that is quieter, gentler, less about ‘what is’ and more intertwined with dreams and potential and possibility. It is like a spider web in its delicacy, and yet its innate strength is what changes the world. 

So throughout my experience in this life it has, for whatever reason, been essential to remember that rhythm. To gradually disengage from the pressure of the human rhythm, and allow space for the horse. Inside of that has been the understanding that it is not exclusively ‘horse’ but ‘Nature’ and ultimately that is human as well. In our modern life we tend to ride over the top of this one-ness and then we can’t hear the subtle dialogue itself.

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Equine Experiential Learning with Kim Hallin

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Excerpt from Equine Experiential Learning with Kim Hallin

Kim talks about how she bred Tempo, her early life and how Tempo developed a physical condition. We discuss the conventional versus the alternative approach towards horse health.

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Curiosity With Elsa Sinclair

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Excerpt from the podcast Curiosity with Elsa Sinclair

Elsa’s introduction to horses, the influences and what she enjoyed doing with them most as a child, the decision to find out if a wild horse would want to carry a rider.

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Shifting Paradigms with Kim Walnes

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Excerpt from Shifting Paradigms with Kim Walnes

What do horses feel about us riding them? How do they feel about us at all? Discover Kim Walnes positive and deeply inspiring approach which has been developed over a lifetime of experience interacting with horses. Kim competed in advanced level eventing when she was younger and now engages in profoundly spiritual dialogue with the horses in her life.

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