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Excerpt from Equine Experiential Learning with Kim Hallin

Kim talks about how she bred Tempo, her early life and how Tempo developed a physical condition. We discuss the conventional versus the alternative approach towards horse health.

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Equine Experiential Learning with Kim Hallin

In Part 1 Kim talks about Tempo’s purpose and we discuss the responsibility of our horses’ health. We go into vibrational reality, the grey area and our need to protect. What is love, what is neglect, and the question of ownership. How Kim works with horses now, and what is equine experiential learning. 

In Part 2 we are discussing individual horses, how awakened they are and the story of humans and horses. Kim describes  her journey with Tempo, resolving aggression, understanding boundaries and remembering choice.

About Kim Hallin

Kim Hallin is the author of Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity and the founder of Unbridled, LLC, an equine-inspired experiential learning business in Charleston, South Carolina. As a compassionate horsewoman who upholds the integrity of the horse, Kim loves facilitating transformational healing experiences between humans and equines.

Kim is known for nurturing a safe, supportive and expansive learning environment that gently demystifies horse behavior. In this environment she promps humans to re-evaluate their beliefs, choices and actions. Kim also provides virtual mentoring and online classes. The classes are developed to support and encourage horse lovers everywhere who are actively working to build a kinder, more compassionate horse industry of the future.

While advocating for positive change in the horse industry, she recognizes that the first step is unharnessing humanity from limiting beliefs we place on ourselves.

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