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“Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity” is my first book. I wrote it because the horses asked me to. 

Many years ago, the only horse I have ever bred and raised told me she was sent to me because I needed a kick in the pants to recognize my own skills as a communicator. At the time, I had no idea what Tempo’s message meant, but it was clear she was intent on providing the kick in the pants anyway!

Over the years, with help from the other horses in my herd, I came to realize that Tempo was speaking not just for herself, but for the larger horse collective. They were asking me to use my gifts as a writer and communicator to translate their wisdom into words humanity will not only understand, but receive with an open heart. No easy task! I can only hope I’m doing the job justice…

Humanity doesn’t have to stay in the place of separateness we’ve created for ourselves. The perceived walls that divide us from the natural world are of our own making. We can dismantle them anytime we choose.

– Kim Hallin

Horse Wisdom

The Influence of Horses

Horses are my inspiration and my aspiration. They provide a lifeline back to my own primal nature and the innate wisdom we all share. I feel like horses have held my heart from the day I was born. So it was just a matter of time before they became the heart of my life, and my business.


As an equine-assisted learning practitioner, I look to the horses to help me understand what “wisdom” needs to be shared or nurtured in any given moment. As a writer, horses help me find the place of stillness where muses reveal themselves.

Horse Wisdom book cover

Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity takes the reader on a journey that explores core truths about life and how we humans have separated ourselves from nature.

Kim gently nudges us to suspend our human way of thinking and experience the world with horses as our guides.

Excerpt from Horse Wisdom

When receiving horse wisdom it's easy to say, "That's all well and good, but it can't be applied to the human world." Precisely. If it could, it would be human-oriented wisdom. We already have plenty of that. Embracing horse wisdom requires a willingness to look beyond what humanity believes about itself. Embodying horse wisdom requires stepping away from the trappings of human life as we know it. "Why throw the baby out with the bath water?" some might ask. But what if humanity threw the baby out a long time ago, and now, we're wading around in a tub of tepid, murky water?

The struggle to imagine how humanity can disentangle ourselves from the harnesses of our own making is real. Unbridling an angry beast is a delicate process. The human species has become fixated on the idea of fixing. We see ourselves as both the fixers and the species that needs fixing. Horse wisdom reminds us there's a better way. Transformation starts when we release our attachment to all that's no longer serving us. Horses know the world isn't broken, and neither are we. This book is an invitation to remember that for yourself.
Horse Wisdom

I have no interest in preparing equestrians to succeed in the horse industries of the past or the present. I’m busy giving horse lovers the courage and permission to envision a radically different horse industry of the future!

– Kim Hallin

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