Horse Girl: A Journey Home by Susanna Newsonen

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Horse Girl: A Journey Home

at age nine, as I sat on a horse for the first time, an unbreakable bond was forged. 

It set the stage for a lifelong odyssey for this determined girl and her devotion to her equine companions.

As I took the road less traveled, I found myself fighting the constant pressure to fit the norm and perform. I battled the societal traps of who I was expected to be, but, in the end, through my bond with my horse, I found a way to break free. When I did, I found myself living my dream life, even before I knew what it entailed.

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Your Horse Believes In You

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I had the idea of writing about my teaching philosophy, since I started Inspired Riding

That was back in 2009. I even wrote a small ebook and a guide for Equestrians and Instructors. Those were certainly wonderful to have out there, but I felt like there was more to include at some point. It wasn’t until this past year, 2022, when I realized that it was finally time to sit down and write it out. I had accumulated so much more life experience to flush out a more comprehensive entire book. 

I got very clear messages from my horses that they wanted their very own section, to offer specific messages to humans. This way, I was able to divide the book into three parts. My teaching philosophy, my life journey, and the messages from the herd.

I feel very strongly that it will help so many more in the horse world and I am very proud that it’s available now. I hope that anyone who reads it, will find more ease, grace, and inspiration in their life. 

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Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity

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“Horse Wisdom: Life Lessons for Humanity” is my first book. I wrote it because the horses asked me to. 

Many years ago, the only horse I have ever bred and raised told me she was sent to me because I needed a kick in the pants to recognize my own skills as a communicator. At the time, I had no idea what Tempo’s message meant, but it was clear she was intent on providing the kick in the pants anyway!

Over the years, with help from the other horses in my herd, I came to realize that Tempo was speaking not just for herself, but for the larger horse collective. They were asking me to use my gifts as a writer and communicator to translate their wisdom into words humanity will not only understand, but receive with an open heart. No easy task! I can only hope I’m doing the job justice…

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