Horse Girl: A Journey Home by Susanna Newsonen

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Horse Girl: A Journey Home

at age nine, as I sat on a horse for the first time, an unbreakable bond was forged. 

It set the stage for a lifelong odyssey for this determined girl and her devotion to her equine companions.

As I took the road less traveled, I found myself fighting the constant pressure to fit the norm and perform. I battled the societal traps of who I was expected to be, but, in the end, through my bond with my horse, I found a way to break free. When I did, I found myself living my dream life, even before I knew what it entailed.

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Guided Meditations

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Opening A Space for Healing

Guided Meditations are a helpful way to still your mind and direct your awareness towards your authentic self. It is best to allow the words to flow through your mind without thinking about them too much. Imagine you are receiving them into the depths of your Self beyond ego and they will help you develop your own channel with your eternal Source.

Guided Meditations Playlist on Youtube

What is a Guided Meditation? Click here for description

During the challenging circumstances after my sister had a tragic accident I was inspired to start a meditation group to support her healing.

Along the way we came to realise that the healing is happening in all of us.

It could also be called awakening or resolving our collective ego. But is really as simple as coming into the loving relationships with each other that is our natural state of being.

Recently I decided to make the Meditations available to everyone.

Guided Meditations

Asking For Focus

Exploring Forgiveness

Asking For Guidance

Experiencing Sharing

Into The Light

Experiencing Perfection

Elemental Breath

Who Are We?

Giving Receiving

Identity Freedom

Healing the Darkness

I Am Who I Am

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Giving The Horses Back Their Power 

Over the summer we have been facilitating a profound transmission as a herd. Giving the horses back their power has been an unfolding energetic process. First recognising the human projection that has arisen as a result of the control paradigm we exercise over our equine dependents. Then after the projection was resolved, the horses’ power … Read more

The Portal of Pause with Sam MacLean & Susan Jackson

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The Portal of Pause is a lovely relaxed and explorative podcast into how we can take the time to pause and reflect. In the podcast we discuss how the power in this pause is in entering a different flow, and even a different dimension of existence.

The Portal of Pause with Sam MacLean & Susan Jackson

Part 1:

The story of the fly takes us into a discussion of our ability to engage with life experience itself. The question of being present in every part of the possible range of experiences. Sam brings our awareness into the pause we can choose to embrace or not, and Susan shares her experiences with making this pause.

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The Inner Voice of Joy

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The inner voice of joy is rooted deeply in the Source of all things. Whether it is named Universal Oneness, God or unconditional love. This voice is the gift we all have. It might need to be mined and liberated from the depths of our consciousness, as it cannot come through the thick clouds of fear, but it is there in everyone. This voice expresses itself so easily and instantly, without any heavy labouring in figuring out. It shines with such purity and ease, and banishes doubt and sadness.

There are two inner voices in my experience. The other one of the monkey mind, quite often chattering away, or making little comments that do their best to erode our sense of self belief and self worth. That voice is like an overactive computer, guided only by the fears and delusions of our human belief in separation. One of the most persistent mistakes we make is to listen to the mind voice and encourage it to shape our perception of the world. 

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Softening In With Beth Lauren Parrish

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Excerpt from Softening In With Beth Lauren Parrish

In our second Let’s Talk Herd podcast together, Beth and I discuss ways to soften in to our highest vibration. Beth has a wealth of inspiring and original ideas to help all horse guardians.

In the excerpt Beth is sharing advice from her future self that she accessed through a Quantum Jumping meditation technique from Burt Goldman.

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Be Kind and Creative With Your Thoughts

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Horses are exposed in every moment to the changing flow of life.


Whether the skies are calm or stormy, we meet reality with open pores. Our vibrational skin is galvanised by the delicious experience of planet Earth. This continual impermanence feeds us. It replenishes our huge horse heart. The deeply rooted desire in us to roam, to move, and to channel is fed by our ability to be. 

We are strangers to the many pathways of the mind our human friends are travelling. We jump in for fun, to taste the energy of your thoughts. They are fast and fizzy, rolling around and jumping over each other. Those thoughts trigger emotions so rapidly, catching fire and running wildly. We acknowledge your courage to come and sit with us, to breathe us in, and anchor your Self back to being.

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