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In Contemplation with Joanne Glover we are exploring the vast subjects of our own identity and how we can access our own sense of self worth. Joanne shares some of the wisdom she has received from horses and we talk about the way reciprocity can express itself between us.

Contemplation with Joanne Glover

Part 1:

Joanne describes her journey with barefoot trimming, Ouhmia’s message and her dream. We talk about how the soul relates to our identity here, who horses are to us and the meditation with Spirit. 

Part 2:

Discussing vibrational becoming, doing in the context of being, our infinite selves and how that relates to our earth self. Going into transformational vocabulary and which vibration we are reinforcing in our body mind. 

Part 3:

Continuing to talk about self awareness and what we identify with, how we can influence our state of mind, Joanne describes more about her dreams with horses, her dialogue with Kumara, and where she is now. 

About Joanne Glover

Joanne started out as a classical musician and a teacher before pursuing linguistics, communication, and approaches to learning and development. Although through the years there was a variety of experiences they each brought forward the same central focus:  engaging with heartfelt desires and perceptions as momentum towards personal expansion.  

Her relationship with horses has been and continues to be a fundamental part of her own personal and professional evolution. In each moment they invite her to (dare to) go still deeper into the listening experience.  Further nuance and clarity were brought to the path through participation in shamanistic experiences and holotropic breathwork. 

These diverse influences have led Joanne to understand that while everything is already in place, all that is needed is for us to witness and allow it to flow.  Listening is the key stone of the process and today she is  passionate about exploring what it is to listen, and what it opens up for each one of us.  

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2 thoughts on “Contemplation with Joanne Glover”

  1. I love the story with her horse in the very beginning! Her horse reminding her that she is so much more grand than what we humans see. Thank you for sharing

    • Thank you for commenting Sam xx I find that so inspiring too! It’s funny how horses always seem to have something recognisably ‘horse’ in their voice, so it rings deeply true in your heart..


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