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The Gift of Dissonance with Joanne is about how it might be possible to welcome the dark side of our lives. In this podcast we explore different ideas and perspectives to come into a deeper understanding of suffering and challenges.

The Gift of Dissonance with Joanne Glover

Part 1:

We begin discussing the nature of time and how the past can manifest in the present moment. We talk about remembering love in the process, our purpose here, strategies and golden surrender.

Part 2:

Joanne shares her personal experience with giving ourselves support and awareness and we discuss how we can awaken without suffering. 

Part 3:

Continuing the exploration into suffering, and different planes of awareness, unconditioning our reality. We discuss the question of being fulfilled and attracting what we need in life. 

Part 4:

Jo shares her personal process about validation and we discuss how to liberate ourselves from living our childhood story. We go into the body’s role in our consciousness and on to discussing money, its role in society and living our dreams. Finally Jo shares her beautiful advice from Ouhmia about intentions when sharing. 

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About Joanne Glover

Joanne started out as a classical musician and a teacher before pursuing linguistics, communication, and approaches to learning and development. Although through the years there was a variety of experiences they each brought forward the same central focus:  engaging with heartfelt desires and perceptions as momentum towards personal expansion.  

Her relationship with horses has been and continues to be a fundamental part of her own personal and professional evolution. In each moment they invite her to (dare to) go still deeper into the listening experience.  Further nuance and clarity were brought to the path through participation in shamanistic experiences and holotropic breathwork. 

These diverse influences have led Joanne to understand that while everything is already in place, all that is needed is for us to witness and allow it to flow.  Listening is the key stone of the process and today she is  passionate about exploring what it is to listen, and what it opens up for each one of us.  

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