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The Portal of Pause is a lovely relaxed and explorative podcast into how we can take the time to pause and reflect. In the podcast we discuss how the power in this pause is in entering a different flow, and even a different dimension of existence.

The Portal of Pause with Sam MacLean & Susan Jackson

Part 1:

The story of the fly takes us into a discussion of our ability to engage with life experience itself. The question of being present in every part of the possible range of experiences. Sam brings our awareness into the pause we can choose to embrace or not, and Susan shares her experiences with making this pause.

Part 2:

Continuing our exploration of what it means to be love, Sam shares the relevance of the wave and particle concept and Susan brings in the aspect of collaboration. At the end of this part Sam introduces us to Wildness Training with Ren Hurst.

Part 3:

Exploring the intentions we have in what we do with our horses, the challenge of spontaneity and coming back round to the opportunities afforded through pausing. 

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