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In this podcast, Embodied Leadership, we go deeply into the question of reciprocity with horses. Susan has an inspiring enthusiasm for the human process of becoming aware, and how we can connect with horses from within ourselves. In the excerpt Susan is describing the way she absorbs the ease of being-ness from horses living in an environment that allows them to be horses. 

Embodied Leadership with Susan Jackson

Part 1:

Susan shares her journey with horses from being a child, how she got involved in equine assisted learning and the question of considering horses for themselves. We discuss the difference in the relationship when we are responsible for a horse and how to give their needs more weight. Susan describes a transformative experience with her own horse Dusty.

Part 2:

Discussing the process of letting go of the need to control a horse, Susan describes her co-leadership approach, going deeper into the nature of reciprocity with horses and the influence of management and wisdom from the herd.

Part 3:

We talk about the value of letting horses be horses, discussing the universal energy of nature and how to engage with it. Susan shares her breakthroughs and where she is now in her journey. 

About Susan Jackson

I am the co-creator of Embodied Leadership, alongside the horses.

Together we hold space and facilitate opportunities for people to (re)connect with a deeper sense of wholeness and connection in everyday living.  Of course there are ample layers for exploring here but at the end of the day that’s what we do.  

I love seeing how these (re)connections to wholeness and self create more consistent experiences of Joy, Freedom, Peace, Ease, and Connection, among other things for someone in their day to day.

And, if they are a horse person, in their relationship with their horse.

One of the keystones of Embodied Leadership is the nurturing and tending of relationship both within and outside of ourselves and (re)developing a greater sense of leadership both within ones self and in partnership with others.

It’s pretty amazing how tending to our self-relationship and leadership naturally impacts our relationships and co-leadership with others beings with less effort, more ease, and more dignity and sovereignty for all involved.  

At the heart of these keystones lives the ongoing development of presence which deepens both our clarity and connection with ourselves and with one another. 

So whether you call yourself an equestrian and are looking to deepen roots in your already existing horse-human relationship, or if you do not identify as a “horse person” but desire to (re)connect with yourself from a place of abundance, grace, and authenticity I very much look forward to meeting you.  

The horses and I love facilitating space for life-long relationship building and adding to and refining our current tool-kits of presence, awareness, and self leadership.  

Susan Jackson


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