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Excerpt from Conversations with Sovereignty with Sam MacLean

In this four part podcast we take some time to consider the fundamentals of the relationship we have with horses. Sam is such an authentic, kind and caring person, and her perspective is deeply inspiring. In the excerpt she describes her fascinating way of living life and following her dreams.

Sovereignty with Sam MacLean

Part 1:

Sam describes her journey with horses and her dreams about them. She explains why she hasn’t ridden for some years and we go into the process of being invited and the horses’ choice, why dis-ease happens in horses and the subject of sovereignty.

Part 2:

Discussing the connection with experiences as children and awakening later on, mindfulness with horses and the considerate therapeutic approach 

Part 3:

Going into how to offer a therapeutic intention around the relationship between horses and humans itself, Sam describes her Heartmath zoom classes and the Four Immeasurables, pitying horses and I tell Xas’s story.

Part 4:

Talking about how we can influence the world, Sam describes her way of moving forward in terms of her vision in life.

The Four Immeasurables

These are the four immeasurable Sam talked about when we discussed how pity can be an imbalance in our expression of compassion for horses.

About Sam MacLean

After spending two decades helping companies and nonprofits with marketing, communications and fundraising, Sam redirected her career aspirations toward her life-long passion for horses and their care. Little did she know that her background in the health/fitness/wellness industry would be the perfect foundation for the integrative care she provides today.

Using a variety of bodywork techniques, her goal is to help your horse feel better so that you can spend more quality time together and enjoy that time to the fullest.  She believes that each horse is a special and unique being and she will go above and beyond to ensure that your horse receives the care and attention needed. 

Sam is qualified in acupressure, reiki, heartmath and massage and is a member of multiple associations. Click the title About to see more.

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