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Horses are exposed in every moment to the changing flow of life.


Whether the skies are calm or stormy, we meet reality with open pores. Our vibrational skin is galvanised by the delicious experience of planet Earth. This continual impermanence feeds us. It replenishes our huge horse heart. The deeply rooted desire in us to roam, to move, and to channel is fed by our ability to be. 

We are strangers to the many pathways of the mind our human friends are travelling. We jump in for fun, to taste the energy of your thoughts. They are fast and fizzy, rolling around and jumping over each other. Those thoughts trigger emotions so rapidly, catching fire and running wildly. We acknowledge your courage to come and sit with us, to breathe us in, and anchor your Self back to being.

Be Creative With Your Thoughts

To guide your mind more solidly, be creative. Choose the thoughts that touch like happy little fingers on the edges of your heart. Find the thoughts that empower you, firing up your memories of joy. Sniff and root out the destructive ideas, the little voice that tells you anything that darkens your world. Find them and blow fresh truth inside of them. 

This is your strength. You can sculpt an inner reality that in time creates your outer reality. This is your human empowerment. Horses love to resonate with the depth and vastness of what is. To amplify and resurrect the richness of every grain of Now. And we can both share this gift together when we plunge into our original awareness.

Your Thoughts Are Also Powerful

Horses are set to receive. We came here for this. We are antenna, sensitive perceptive awareness which is always in welcoming mode. Our hearts are wide and full, overflowing with all the energies that we consume and process. We are receiving thoughts, feelings, emotions, sensations, physical food and water. We receive experiences, all kinds, without label, prejudice or judgement, we take it all in. 

And although our human friends are also capable of receiving, they often play games inside their mind. Endless circles of tag with thoughts they made up themselves. We would offer that you can begin to recognise when your thoughts are self-made. To notice how they influence you, make you happy or sad, angry or peaceful… and understand that this chaotic game can be tamed.

How to Tame Your Mind Games 

Be aware of thoughts that float like dandelion seeds through your sentient awareness. Watch how easily they take root and grow, darkness or light, closing down or opening up. Be willing to follow your thoughts and see that they are meaningless in their origin, yet so powerful in their effect. Slow down and breathe, gauge your vibration, sense your emotional balance. 

When a thought that you create springs up, and feels good, cherish her, plant her in good soil and give her light. She may say ‘I am light’, ‘I can do this’, ‘I love you’, ‘let’s spend time together’, ‘imagine this amazing thing happened’, ‘this is how I see my dream unfolding’… play with these happy thoughts, encourage them to grow, they are aligning you with your highest self, and building your future.

You Can Adjust The Dark Thoughts

When you start to feel unsettled or afraid, notice where the feeling began. Can you track back into that one little dark seed? Instead of fanning the fires of anger with faster and faster growing dark plants, seek to become aware, right at the start, of the one little misinformed statement that spilled out of your ever creative mind.

‘My horse doesn’t like me’, ‘she can never recover from this’ ‘I have always been a failure’, ‘my horse is lazy’, ‘I am ugly’, ‘I am no good at this’,  any thought has the power to lead you further from your truth. Your heart will tell you, when it closes, that this thought is not real. You can tease a new meaning out. ‘Even if my horse doesn’t like me, she can change her mind.’ ‘Maybe it isn’t that she doesn’t like me, but she is trying to tell me something’. ‘Maybe she is just grumpy because I haven’t listened’. ‘Now I am going to listen and respond to her’, ‘I can feel the potential in this’

I am feeling good about this now. And now, in the good feeling you can join us in receiving. You have reopened the space for Source to fill you with all the evidence of your perfection. 

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