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Opening A Space for Healing

Guided Meditations are a helpful way to still your mind and direct your awareness towards your authentic self. It is best to allow the words to flow through your mind without thinking about them too much. Imagine you are receiving them into the depths of your Self beyond ego and they will help you develop your own channel with your eternal Source.

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What is a Guided Meditation? Click here for description

During the challenging circumstances after my sister had a tragic accident I was inspired to start a meditation group to support her healing.

Along the way we came to realise that the healing is happening in all of us.

It could also be called awakening or resolving our collective ego. But is really as simple as coming into the loving relationships with each other that is our natural state of being.

Recently I decided to make the Meditations available to everyone.

Guided Meditations

Asking For Focus

Exploring Forgiveness

Asking For Guidance

Experiencing Sharing

Into The Light

Experiencing Perfection

Elemental Breath

Who Are We?

Giving Receiving

Identity Freedom

Healing the Darkness

I Am Who I Am

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Entraining Past Judgment With Sabina Cox & Joanne Glover

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Entraining Past Judgment is a soothing meditative group podcast we are exploring a suggestion from the horses that we might reconsider what we feel when we judge them as shut-down or dissociated from their life situation.

Entraining Past Judgment With Sabina Cox & Joanne Glover

Part 1:

Starting with re-feeling the question of a shut-down horse. We take a minute to go within and then share what comes up and coming into an appreciation for flow and who we are. 

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Animal And Nature Assisted Awakening Gatherings

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Joining the Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening Gatherings is a deeply grounding experience

Every week during the Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening Gatherings, in the presence of the Herd of Light, we open to our most Natural way of Being. As the Horses and all of Nature redirect our attention gently and powerfully within.

They amplify the direct experience of our True Being as a Unitive Field with all Beings. This unitive circulation is our True Nature. And restoring its Vastness of flow within ourselves is a restoration for the Whole.

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Are You Ready For Herd-ness? 

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Dissolving the distance filter is your path into Herd-ness


Our human friends are listening, and interpreting so beautifully our equine energies into words and stories. And sometimes there is a little membrane added in. A fine gauze that creates a slight reverberation of assertion. This distance filter has been given many names. Heavy ones like blame and judgment, righteous ones like responsibility and lighter names, such as observation or concept

All of the names have one similarity however, whichever weight they carry. They create a little distance between what is and what might be. A little ‘if’ that might represent hope, or faith in happier moments, and lack and despair in others.  

By Being ourselves so nonchalantly, so blatantly and so lovingly, by breathing the fullness of who we are and what we do so flowingly, horses are offering you the greatest gift of all. A path into Unbridled, Uninhibited You. 

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Mindful Animal Healing

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Although I haven’t been a guardian of a horse since childhood I have spent a large portion of my adult life working with horses.. 

The Energy of Equines

As an Animal Healer and Communicator and more recently as a Trust Technique Practitioner I work with horses and many other animals . I loved the ponies that we had on our family farm growing up dearly. I enjoyed riding them but what I enjoyed most was just spending time with them and being around them. As an adult I have no strong wish to ride horses but the desire to be around them has never left me.

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Spiritual Horsemanship

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The spirituality of our horsemanship is redefined every day when we enter the presence of a horse

Spiritual horsemanship means a lot of different things to different people. For me it is the miracle of being aware, the practice of becoming receptive to this moment now. When you start exploring sentience in that way, a world opens up that is so nourishing. It is so familiar in a going-back-home way, that you just want to stay there. My journey with spirituality has been so beautiful, so challenging, and so perfect. I see that same journey happening all around me in everyone else. Not only for those who are aware of what is going on, but everyone. It truly is a miracle we are all experiencing, and those blessed with horses in their lives have attracted some deeply influential guides to go with them.

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Being The Open Platform

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Being an Open Platform is a vibrational expression of oneself, easily perceived by the horses

The Open Platform is the feeling between us when the horses invite me to be carried by them. In fact it is the sense of invitation in every way. Into their space, to hug them, groom them, care for them and just be with them. That sense of solidity, of trust, of openness. The way the energy radiates outward and embraces us. It is fun to find names for the new stages of our process as a herd. It also feels good to let those names be light and changeable, to come and go as we continue to grow.

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A Journey To Trust

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Communication and connection with our horses through understanding feelings and taking a leap of faith in ourselves

In spring of 2018 a young lady stood next to me in a field as we looked at my herd of five, listening to me rambling away about all the things I thought needed sorting out with them, and when I shut up she asked me a question. That young lady is now the editor of this magazine. I had asked her for some help as I had become completely lost regarding my horses and often wondered why I had them.

The question was this: How do you feel?

That question has stayed with me now through a journey of finding out who I am, who each of the herd members are, and discovering all the wonderful reasons why we are together. I start every day with that question. Why? Because how I feel affects everything around me.

Before I can talk to the horses I need to acknowledge my own feelings about the day, understand they are my feelings and then let them whisper away as I walk around to say good morning, completely in the present moment, without a thought in my mind.

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