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Entraining Past Judgment is a soothing meditative group podcast we are exploring a suggestion from the horses that we might reconsider what we feel when we judge them as shut-down or dissociated from their life situation.

Entraining Past Judgment With Sabina Cox & Joanne Glover

Part 1:

Starting with re-feeling the question of a shut-down horse. We take a minute to go within and then share what comes up and coming into an appreciation for flow and who we are. 

Part 2:

Feeling deeper into how the horses might be asking us to grow and join them more freely in flow. How the horses show us to meet frequencies of love with love in entraining past judgement.

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2 thoughts on “Entraining Past Judgment With Sabina Cox & Joanne Glover”

  1. Sometimes, I think, we put our feelings, from our experiences, into viewing another being. We need to sit with that being, asking, being so open, no judgements. It may not come at that moment, but even later it call fall into place.
    I’ve worked with many rescue animals. Some were doomed to be euthanized. But I felt that together we can see through the facade. Gentleness from me, understanding, allowing them to be free in a sense. Letting them know they are loved and are safe


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