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Excerpt from Horse Inspired Explorations with Sabina Cox

This clip was when we were remembering, with the horses, the realisation that the world created by our mind is not real. This question arose out of the wish to open more pathways for our integration as humans. So we can discriminate less, and accept our differences more. In bringing this intention into a space of listening, we were reminded that mind-made concepts are not necessary. They don’t exist in the space of the open moment. Mind made concepts include judgment, concern, figuring out, desire to change and even awaken those other than ourselves.

Streaming Horse Inspired Explorations with Sabina Cox

This one is more of a meditation than a classical podcast. A live unveiling of vibrational understanding, and for that reason it may seem a little unstructured! The words themselves are less important to figure out than the energy is to feel into. So it is a beautiful opportunity to allow the energy to radiate through the words. We did have some technical issues with Sabina’s audio, which led to a simpler rendition of the depth of the vibrational content. I feel that the greater consciousness that holds everything we do in our lives can be felt quite clearly here. 

We started by exploring the space of Let’s Talk Herd itself a little bit. How it feels to bring oneself into as a guest and a host, and the intention to open up a greater wisdom in a real time. As Sabina said arriving naked as the open moment meeting itself. This is quite a challenge for most of us, to allow that vulnerability to germinate something new, and it feels deeply creative. To trust in the unfolding of the present moment.

We then tuned into creating pathways to release the divisiveness we tend to fall into as humans. Through this came a remembering that the mind made world is not real, that the horses are Soul itself and that enough-ness is revealed in each present moment.

About Sabina Cox

Sabina lives a rustic lifestyle in Northern California, along with five horse cloaked Beings called the Herd of Light. Twelve years ago, having never been around horses before they mysteriously entered her life, while living in a yoga community. Soon upon the herd’s arrival, Yoshi, the herd’s head mare, made clear her intention of the herd being of service to the awakening of humankind.

After years of cultivation, a pathway of melding Horse and Animal Consciousness with the Awakening of Human Consciousness emerged as One Herd One Heart. This blossomed forth into weekly Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening Gatherings which she and the Herd of Light host via zoom. Sabina is also the founder of the Facebook Group, “Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening with over 3300 members. Sabina has studied directly with true Teachers of various Spiritual Paths, including Sufism, Gnosticism, Buddhism, Kriya Yoga, Non-Dual Meditation, Reiki and Subtle Energy Healing.

She is a 3rd degree Reiki Master and learned the technique of subtle energy readings and healings from Pathways Institute in Northern California, in 1998. She has offered energy readings, healings and spiritual counseling for individuals for over two decades, in her private practice. Her life is dedicated to the journey of Self Discovery and is devoted to assisting, holding space for, and supporting others in their sacred journeys of Awakening. The Herd of Light have become Polestars of Presence in these offerings.

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Let’s Talk Herd podcasts are relaxed yet intelligent conversations about every dimension of holistic horsemanship. We are interested in learning from each other and sharing the unique ideas that are sparked by sharing personal discoveries. If you would like to be a guest contact Camille.

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