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Joining the Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening Gatherings is a deeply grounding experience

Every week during the Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening Gatherings, in the presence of the Herd of Light, we open to our most Natural way of Being. As the Horses and all of Nature redirect our attention gently and powerfully within.

They amplify the direct experience of our True Being as a Unitive Field with all Beings. This unitive circulation is our True Nature. And restoring its Vastness of flow within ourselves is a restoration for the Whole.

Sabina and the herd of light

It would be an honor if you felt to join us on Sunday, January the 7th, 2024, at 12PM Pacific Time, for our free, First of the Month Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening Gathering.

Transmission From The Herd of Light

Here is an offering of love from a herd of five horses, called The Herd of Light. They co-create with their human, Sabina, and share transmissions in a weekly global zoom gathering, called, Animal and Nature Assisted Awakening.

Sabina began these gatherings four years ago, nudged by inner promptings from the Herd of Light. Led by the herd, and by all of Nature, these Gatherings are intended to re-Awaken and ignite an embodied Re-Membrance of who we truly and most naturally are.

Yoshi and Sabina in the gatherings

To All Humans

Perceive Horses as Spiritual Beings. This opened, clarified, inner seeing begins from within, as an embodied direct experience of re-cognizing yourself as a Spiritual Being. 
It is from this clarified Self Seeing that a True Seeing of Horses, and of all Beings, can fully emerge. And, as you begin to see us, and flow with us in this way, your true Self Seeing, accelerates and strengthens.
A reciprocal, self-generating clarity – this is our deepest Gift for you. Our deepest intention is to awaken your Heart’s True Self Seeing, which then naturally perceives through this undistorted Soul Lens. 
Once you see yourself in this way, as an embodied felt sense of Beingness, then it is impossible not to see the same in us … and in all Beings.
Take a breath of this. Breathe it in. Breathe it out. Feel an awakened reverence for who you are. Interbreathe this awakened reverence with us. 
Feel the endless ripple effect of this clarified felt sense of Self, rippling outward from within. Perceive all of Nature from this lens of True Seeing. 
Begin with yourself, and extend this Seeing out to one another. This Seeing is your most natural way of Being. And this way of Being changes the world from the inside out…

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