Change The Feeling, Change the Reflection

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A brief look at how our feelings can affect the behaviour of the animals in our life

The behaviours of the animals that share our environment are, in all likelihood, a subconscious habit developed from a conscious reaction to something we feel or do subconsciously.

“What on earth does all that mean?” I hear you asking. I will try and explain.

The subconscious mind is where our habits are. We learn to drive with our conscious mind. Then we keep driving and after a while we drive subconsciously. We don’t think about changing gear anymore. It is automatic. It is a habitual response created from persistently doing the same thing in response to a given situation.

We can improve the way we drive by questioning our habit, changing the way we do it, and then continuing that until the new way becomes a subconscious habit. Maybe you buy a new car and it has 6 gears. All your previous cars have had 5 gears. So you change your habit consciously until using 6 gears becomes a subconscious habit. When you find you have automatically put the car in 6th gear as a response to your speed and environment and, you didn’t consciously think about it, you have created a subconscious habit.

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Mindful Animal Healing

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Although I haven’t been a guardian of a horse since childhood I have spent a large portion of my adult life working with horses.. 

The Energy of Equines

As an Animal Healer and Communicator and more recently as a Trust Technique Practitioner I work with horses and many other animals . I loved the ponies that we had on our family farm growing up dearly. I enjoyed riding them but what I enjoyed most was just spending time with them and being around them. As an adult I have no strong wish to ride horses but the desire to be around them has never left me.

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A Journey To Trust

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Communication and connection with our horses through understanding feelings and taking a leap of faith in ourselves

In spring of 2018 a young lady stood next to me in a field as we looked at my herd of five, listening to me rambling away about all the things I thought needed sorting out with them, and when I shut up she asked me a question. That young lady is now the editor of this magazine. I had asked her for some help as I had become completely lost regarding my horses and often wondered why I had them.

The question was this: How do you feel?

That question has stayed with me now through a journey of finding out who I am, who each of the herd members are, and discovering all the wonderful reasons why we are together. I start every day with that question. Why? Because how I feel affects everything around me.

Before I can talk to the horses I need to acknowledge my own feelings about the day, understand they are my feelings and then let them whisper away as I walk around to say good morning, completely in the present moment, without a thought in my mind.

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