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Although I haven’t been a guardian of a horse since childhood I have spent a large portion of my adult life working with horses.. 

The Energy of Equines

As an Animal Healer and Communicator and more recently as a Trust Technique Practitioner I work with horses and many other animals . I loved the ponies that we had on our family farm growing up dearly. I enjoyed riding them but what I enjoyed most was just spending time with them and being around them. As an adult I have no strong wish to ride horses but the desire to be around them has never left me.

Mindful Animal Healing

I have realised more and more that the reason for this is that I simply enjoy being with them. There is something about the energy of equines that I am drawn to. So it is always a huge pleasure for me to work with horses in my Healing work.

I don’t think it is any coincidence that when I was training as a Healer and Animal Communicator, it was a horse that really helped me to learn to trust my intuition.

Inner Communication 

I remember on one of my training days that I was working with a horse and I asked them inwardly where they would like me to focus on sending them the healing. Instantly I was drawn to certain areas on their body. And so, of course, I focused on sending the healing energy to those places.

It was a lovely session and the horse stayed with me to receive healing and went into a very relaxed state. Initially my mind questioned whether it was just that particular horse. I soon realised that it was other horses and over the following weeks and months, all animals.

There is so much we can learn from horses, and indeed any animal. If we are quiet and still enough inside ourselves so that we can really hear them.

Just Being with Horses

I have spent many years reflecting on what it is in particular about the energy of horses that I am drawn to. I still don’t have the clear words or a specific answer to express it. All I know is there is a particular feeling that I experience when I am around them which really touches my heart. One of my greatest pleasures and contentments is just Being with them.

My family made the decision to sell the family farm a couple of years ago, it was sold to someone who had a herd of about 30 horses, most of the herd came to live on the farm about a month before we moved from it and I felt lucky that I was able to spend time with a herd during this time.

Herd Dynamics and Meditation

I didn’t ‘do’ anything with them in terms of Healing, Animal Communication or the Trust Technique since I was not asked to work with them professionally. However most evenings I would go on my daily walk around the farm and around the edge of their field. More often than not I would just spend time sitting in the field with the herd.

I found this a fascinating experience noticing herd dynamics and usually just watching them grazing. Sometimes I would sit very peacefully and quietly, almost in a meditative state. Over time what happened was that they became curious about me and the peaceful energy that I had inside.

Part of the herd were foals with their mothers. It was the foals who would always come and check me out first, with their mothers watchfully a few steps behind. 

A Herd Experience

Mindful Animal Healing

A few times I had the lovely experience of a group of foals and mothers standing around me, and slowly each one would start to become more relaxed, still, and peaceful. This feeling seemed to spread around each of us and the whole field, on one occasion I looked up and noticed that a fallow deer in the wood was also standing and looking over the fence at us.

A beautiful experience, that is somehow hard to describe in words but the feeling was one of complete peace and unity. I felt more grounded and connected with myself and also with everything around me.

The Trust Technique

The feeling of Being completely Present in the Moment is indeed priceless.

It is, of course, possible to experience this without being in a herd of horses. I personally believe however that Being with this herd added something greatly to it. And it is also possible to experience similar when we use The Trust Technique with our animals. In the Trust Technique we work with a mindful practice so that we can share a feeling of peace with our animal.

We also use what we call Mindful Regard so that we can work at the animal’s pace. This means that we are then able to ‘listen’ to them. This really deepens the connection that exists between us and within that we start to experience a different relationship.

Mindfulness Healing Blog

Mindful animal healer Nancy Bottura

My own spiritual path has lead me towards finding my true sense of self, opening my heart and developing and trusting my intuition. It’s an ongoing journey but it has enabled me to become as clear a channel for the healing energy as I possibly can be. To bring all the things I have learnt to the work I am doing now.

I am interested in shamanism and working with power animals. I believe in empowering animals and their people to be their True selves. Since learning the Trust Technique I have become deeply interested in the practice of Mindfulness and the powerful feeling that being in the Present Moment creates. And how finding peace of mind can bring about true change for ourselves and our animals.

To Contact Me

Many people contact me to help them to resolve issues that they have with their horses and other animals. Increasingly now people are also contacting me to learn the Trust Technique so that they can build a deeper connection with all the animals in their life.

I offer a FREE 20 minute chat to anybody who is interested in learning more about the Trust Technique.

Please email nancy@themindfulanimalhealer.com for further information.

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