Healing Perception with Denise M Michel & Dilara Pataudi

Healing Perception with Denise and Dilara is another interesting Let’s Talk Herd group podcast. Denise is an equine chiropractor and Dilara a Craniosacral Therapist. In exploring how we perceive healing as humans we discover some fascinating subjects.

Healing Perception with Denise M Michel & Dilara Pataudi

Part 1:

Beginning the podcast with an idea from the horses, we go on to discuss healing as both an identity and a journey. Dilara shares her experience with her horses which leads us into why we (as humans) get closed off from the one minded being-ness of the herd.

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HeartMath and Horses with Sam MacLean

Excerpt of HeartMath and Horses with Sam MacLean

In this fascinating podcast we dive deeply into the nature of life and humanity. Sam shares all about HeartMath with horses and how powerful a tool it can be. In the excerpt Sam is sharing her perspective on humanity and can can respond to life in love.

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Dreamweaving With Denise M Michel

In this lovely exchange with Denise she shares her profound spiritual and physical path back to health which was both deeply personal and offers so much to the human collective. 

In the excerpt she is sharing the power of combining aromatherapy with her chiropractic work with horses and other animals. 

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HeartMath with Sam MacLean

About Heart Math

Have you heard about HeartMath? Yes, that thing with the funny name…

HeartMath, a company founded in 1991 by Doc Childre. It is a system of science-based, coherence-building skills designed to use on-the-go to help people bring their mind, body and emotions into balance and connect with their heart’s intuitive guidance. HeartMath is now comprised of two divisions:

1) HeartMath, Inc – dedicated to education, training and advancing the use of their technology;

2) HeartMath Institute – dedicated to research on the coherence of the heart and its impact on individuals, society and now the globe.

Learning the HeartMath techniques is for anyone who is interested in learning how to activate the state of coherence to become more resilient to stressors and open-hearted. Heartmath believes that love is a transformational intelligence, not merely an emotion. And that by helping people activate their heart’s intelligence, we can all co-create a kinder, more compassionate world to live in. 

My Mission

Heart Math

My mission is to make a difference in the lives of horses (and pets) and their guardians by creating heart-centered connections that support the return to harmony. HeartMath is just one of the ways I fulfill my mission.

I would love for every horse and dog and cat (and cow, pig, mouse, parrot, etc.) guardian to learn the HeartMath techniques. It is my belief that by giving people the tools to live, work, rest and play from the wisdom of their hearts, we will all together create a more compassionate, kind and gentle world.

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Embodied Leadership with Susan Jackson

In this podcast, Embodied Leadership, we go deeply into the question of reciprocity with horses. Susan has an inspiring enthusiasm for the human process of becoming aware, and how we can connect with horses from within ourselves. In the excerpt Susan is describing the way she absorbs the ease of being-ness from horses living in an environment that allows them to be horses. 

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Contemplation with Joanne Glover

In Contemplation with Joanne Glover we are exploring the vast subjects of our own identity and how we can access our own sense of self worth. Joanne shares some of the wisdom she has received from horses and we talk about the way reciprocity can express itself between us.

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Sovereignty with Sam MacLean

Excerpt from Conversations with Sovereignty with Sam MacLean

In this four part podcast we take some time to consider the fundamentals of the relationship we have with horses. Sam is such an authentic, kind and caring person, and her perspective is deeply inspiring. In the excerpt she describes her fascinating way of living life and following her dreams.

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The Horse’s Truth With Angela Dunning

Excerpt from The Horse’s Truth With Angela Dunning

Angela Dunning has considerable experience in many fields of therapeutic support with horses. We discuss a being rather than doing approach, and explore the various aspects of equine therapy.

In the following excerpt Angela gives her compelling perspective on why we are so attracted to horses, and want them in our lives.

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Out of the Box with Dawn Oakley-Smith

Excerpt from Out of the Box with Dawn Oakley-Smith

In this podcast we explore more out of the box perspectives about ownership of horses. Discussing the weight of responsibility we often feel as horse guardians, and the way horses can indicate the progress of our own awakening. In the excerpt we are talking about rescuing animals and the reason why we often feel that is important.

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