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Excerpt from The Horse’s Truth With Angela Dunning

Angela Dunning has considerable experience in many fields of therapeutic support with horses. We discuss a being rather than doing approach, and explore the various aspects of equine therapy.

In the following excerpt Angela gives her compelling perspective on why we are so attracted to horses, and want them in our lives.

The Horse’s Truth with Angela Dunning

Part 1: Angela describes her new course, Self-Discovery Through The Spirit & Way of The Horse, and we talk about the difference between competition and therapy horses. Continuing into the possible downsides of equine therapy, Angela shares her own evolution with horses, her typical clients and the most common issue they come to her with.

Part 2: Discussing vulnerability with horses, how horses respect our space, being invisible and the emotional element in healing. Going on to talk about different approaches in the horse world, what feels important and the question of inner desire. Following this Angela describes what reconnected her with horses as an adult and why we love horses so much.

About Angela Dunning

Angela has over 15 years’ experience of Equine Facilitated Learning practice on top of her 2 years of initial training, bringing a depth of experience and knowledge to her work. Additionally, she continues to do ongoing professional development training, study and extensive reading to expand her professional abilities. 

Angela has been studying Jung and Jungian Depth Psychology for a number of years and is currently studying Trauma, particularly Complex Trauma; as well as Polyvagal Theory, and somatic, embodied approaches to healing with Peter Levine.

A recent graduate of the HeartMath Institute Angela is fully committed to her own growth and healing and to deepening her capacities to support and guide others. Angela has undertaken many years of various forms of therapy including Jungian analysis, psychotherapy and spiritual counselling/coaching/healing.

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