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In this lovely exchange with Denise she shares her profound spiritual and physical path back to health which was both deeply personal and offers so much to the human collective. 

In the excerpt she is sharing the power of combining aromatherapy with her chiropractic work with horses and other animals. 

Dreamweaving with Denise M Michel

Part 1:

Denise describes how she started doing chiropractic work with horses, sharing our experiences of finding the path with horses. She talks about her experience with aromatherapy and horses.

Part 2:

Denise explains more about how she integrates aromatherapy into her work and the interchange between guardians and their horses. I describe my clinic Hear the Horse Within and Denise talks about her coming book, Holographic Tattoo and her incredible journey back to health and the spiritual awakening within that. 

About Denise M Michel

Denise is a creative, dynamic, integrative health professional with a Doctor of Chiropractic and over twenty years of experience. She has expertise in teaching and treating patients in holistic medicine. She is skilled in excellent customer service, developing education, and evaluating curricula for a diverse clientele. Denise is passionate about sharing options that promote sustainable health and wellness.

Let’s Talk Herd podcasts are relaxed yet intelligent conversations about every dimension of holistic horsemanship. We are interested in learning from each other and sharing the unique ideas that are sparked by sharing personal discoveries. If you would like to be a guest contact Camille.

All perspectives are welcome.

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