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Excerpt from Equine Balance with Dilara Pataudi

Dilara explains how she is honouring the entire horse collective when she offers Craniosacral healing to individual horses and their guardian.

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Equine Balance with Dilara Pataudi

Part 1: Dilara’s introduction to Craniosacral Therapy and how horses are seen by humans. Discussing our influence over their development, chronic tension and causes of that. Moving into awareness of ourselves, horses natural ability to perform and the question of over-training: is riding always damaging?

Part 2: Do horses enjoy their work despite how it may damage them, exploring the cranial perspective. Discussing the exploitation of horses, where the answers are, how horses read us and guardianship. How we see brokenness, going beyond judgement and gateways of remembering.

Part 3: Going into the subject of trust with horses, Dilara’s book and how the herd supported it, and how she found her new home. Discussing the wisdom of the horses, our place with each other, the human condition and how the horses entrain us to integration. 

Part 4: Dilara explains how she works with clients and her plans for the future. We discuss the vibrational nature of healing, engaging with the horse world. Dilara shares her experience in Egypt and goes on to how she honours the horses. 

About Dilara Pataudi

Dilara Pataudi is an intuitive empath, animal healer and advocate for deep healing and spiritual connection.

Dilara is trained in a variety of modalities including: Equine Craniosacral Therapy, Animal Communication, Advanced Animal Healing, Reiki (Master Level), NLP (Master Level), Life Coaching and Visionary Craniosacral Therapy for humans.

Having spent many years in commitment to her own Spiritual development she now shares her gifts with others. Dilara exudes an energy of tranquillity and wisdom, alongside a natural passion to see the Divine nature of those around her. Her curiosity and desire for personal growth allows her to merge years of Equine Healing experience with her deep understanding of personal development.

Dilara has established a bond with her own herd at home in which she shares an ‘equal platform’ of connection and communication.

Allowing their message to be heard through her writing; she combines her own personal journey and unravelling with that of the voice of her horses.

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