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Healing Perception with Denise and Dilara is another interesting Let’s Talk Herd group podcast. Denise is an equine chiropractor and Dilara a Craniosacral Therapist. In exploring how we perceive healing as humans we discover some fascinating subjects.

Healing Perception with Denise M Michel & Dilara Pataudi

Part 1:

Beginning the podcast with an idea from the horses, we go on to discuss healing as both an identity and a journey. Dilara shares her experience with her horses which leads us into why we (as humans) get closed off from the one minded being-ness of the herd.

Part 2:

Continuing to explore vulnerability and the state of not knowing. Denise shares how she is moving back close to her family and we talk about how to introduce ourselves into new situations, and the parallels with horses.

Part 3:

We discuss the different aspects of grounding in the final part. This includes what limits us and the horses and shoeing from the therapeutic perspective. Denise and Dilara share their experiences with enabling their clients to find their own inner guidance. 

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