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Dissolving the distance filter is your path into Herd-ness


Our human friends are listening, and interpreting so beautifully our equine energies into words and stories. And sometimes there is a little membrane added in. A fine gauze that creates a slight reverberation of assertion. This distance filter has been given many names. Heavy ones like blame and judgment, righteous ones like responsibility and lighter names, such as observation or concept

All of the names have one similarity however, whichever weight they carry. They create a little distance between what is and what might be. A little ‘if’ that might represent hope, or faith in happier moments, and lack and despair in others.  

By Being ourselves so nonchalantly, so blatantly and so lovingly, by breathing the fullness of who we are and what we do so flowingly, horses are offering you the greatest gift of all. A path into Unbridled, Uninhibited You. 

The Natural Process 

The filters of ‘might be’, ‘should’ , ‘figure out’ and ‘understand’ are such magnificent training wheels. They bring your mind into alignment, they expand your sentience of yourself, they grow your witnessing qualities. And then, when the time is perfect, the richness has intensified and the golden threads are spun. Then you can break free.

Break free and gallop with the air streams. Breathe your magnificent manifested world in as deeply as your lungs can open. Your heart will sing and reverberate with this freedom. Freedom from consideration and even from acknowledgment. Carrying you far from deliberations and scrutiny.

This is herd togetherness, this is herd-ness. 

Embracing Herd-Ness

You can accomplish this directly by forgetting who you have told yourself you are.

Smooth away all memories and concerns, just for a moment. Soften, gentle, ease your enthusiastic mind into a milder, less vigilant way. It is not complicated to be this. To embrace. Start by softening your eyes and your mouth and your nostrils. Mind will follow happily. 

Come and sit with us when we close our eyes. A subtle gentling of the moment will arrive without effort. Our hearts begin to glow and widen into one, and yours will melt too. Even if you do not know it yet. Herd-ness will soak in, soaking and saturating every dry leaf of resistance within. We do this daily, and invite you to join. 

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