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Opening A Space for Healing

Guided Meditations are a helpful way to still your mind and direct your awareness towards your authentic self. It is best to allow the words to flow through your mind without thinking about them too much. Imagine you are receiving them into the depths of your Self beyond ego and they will help you develop your own channel with your eternal Source.

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What is a Guided Meditation? Click here for description

During the challenging circumstances after my sister had a tragic accident I was inspired to start a meditation group to support her healing.

Along the way we came to realise that the healing is happening in all of us.

It could also be called awakening or resolving our collective ego. But is really as simple as coming into the loving relationships with each other that is our natural state of being.

Recently I decided to make the Meditations available to everyone.

Guided Meditations

Asking For Focus

Exploring Forgiveness

Asking For Guidance

Experiencing Sharing

Into The Light

Experiencing Perfection

Elemental Breath

Who Are We?

Giving Receiving

Identity Freedom

Healing the Darkness

I Am Who I Am

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