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I had the idea of writing about my teaching philosophy, since I started Inspired Riding

That was back in 2009. I even wrote a small ebook and a guide for Equestrians and Instructors. Those were certainly wonderful to have out there, but I felt like there was more to include at some point. It wasn’t until this past year, 2022, when I realized that it was finally time to sit down and write it out. I had accumulated so much more life experience to flush out a more comprehensive entire book. 

I got very clear messages from my horses that they wanted their very own section, to offer specific messages to humans. This way, I was able to divide the book into three parts. My teaching philosophy, my life journey, and the messages from the herd.

I feel very strongly that it will help so many more in the horse world and I am very proud that it’s available now. I hope that anyone who reads it, will find more ease, grace, and inspiration in their life. 

Your Horse Believes In You

Discover how Inspired Riding™ will make your horse proud! 

You are about to embark on a journey. Every ride, lesson, and encounter, teaches and shapes us. 

Horses are parallels to life. The more we get in tune with horses, the more we can understand our lives.

Beth Lauren Parrish, Creator of Inspired Riding™ and Certified Riding Instructor, has experienced the ultimate highs and the deepest lows on her life’s journey. She teaches with the wisdom and care attained from decades of experience. Through impactful stories, lessons and practical tools, she will inspire and guide you towards tremendous happiness with your horse.

How Your Horse Believes In You Is Structured

Part One: The Inspired Riding™ Way. Practical tools for cultivating clarity, confidence, and connection with your horse.

Part Two: All about Beth’s life journey with insights to inspire and hopefully help you avoid mishaps!

Part Three: Messages for humans from the Inspired Riding™ herd members, told from their perspective.

If your will for a positive and durable evolution for both yourself and your horse is in your heart, then Beth has all the keys you’ll need to open the right doors for you.

– Marija Nielsen

Your Horse Believes In You

Beth gives you the concrete tools, framed in compassion, to move past your fear and connect deeply with your horse. The Inspired Riding™ Program has been a transformational journey, and I am forever grateful to have found her.

– Tamar Reno

Beth’s online teaching and courses have done more for my confidence in 6 months, than several YEARS of in person lessons with other instructors.

– Em Tilden

Beth Lauren Parrish
Your Horse Believes In You book cover

Allow this book to bring more ease and grace into your life, and with your horses.

May the horse be with you. Always.

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The International Edition

Excerpt from Your Horse Believes In You

The day I left my tired body, I started whispering the word DRAGON to Beth. Since she was still very sad, I knew I had to keep repeating it. She heard it every day for a week and then I was able to talk to the dragonflies to help me convey my message. I asked one to land on her cheek. She was so startled but then started crying again. I knew that she got my message. I wanted her to know that I was still watching over her. And that my energy felt much like a dragon. The dragonfly was the perfect messenger for me. As you might have read in Bugsy's section, I was a very big horse with big opinions. 

Not only was I tall, but I could puff up like a great big dragon and let everyone know around me how I felt about a situation. I never held back. When it was my time to cross over, Beth knew. I would lay down on the ground with her and tell her my body had reached its limit. My body did so many things over the years. I did big jumping, dressage, and then even taught lessons with Beth. I was always very clear when I loved something and when I disliked something. I loved to jump. 

One day, Beth, Charlie and their border collie Bridget, were playing in the arena where I was hanging out. They were having her jump over barrels that were tipped to the side. After watching for a few minutes, I decided to run and jump over an upright barrel to show off my skills. They were so impressed with me, especially since I did this completely unprompted. You see, when you allow your horse the freedom to express themselves, they will often surprise you. That's one of the many things I loved about my life. I could share how I felt and the humans would adjust.

My message to humans: 

Never back down from telling others how you feel. What you need to express is incredibly important. Sometimes it might get them to understand that you might be in pain and need help. 

Other times it might show them how having fun and being more playful is needed. When you express yourself fully, you are able to imprint your energetic signature into the mix of others’ realities. 

That's when the truly gorgeous symphonies can begin to harmonize. Be clear and be brave. And if someone has trouble hearing you, send them dragonflies to land on their face! 

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