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Excerpt from the podcast Curiosity with Elsa Sinclair

Elsa’s introduction to horses, the influences and what she enjoyed doing with them most as a child, the decision to find out if a wild horse would want to carry a rider.

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Curiosity with Elsa Sinclair

In Part 1 Elsa explains the basis of her dialogue with her horses and how she connected with Myrnah, the wild mustang. We discuss how horses feel about us and their different personalities. Elsa explains her observations on the cycle of awareness in horses as prey animals and how to engage with that correctly as a human. She expands on the concept of curiosity in horses, how to strengthen it and how lifestyle affects it.

Note: Due to an unforeseen technical issue we have audio only for the rest of the podcast. This may be an alternative option in the future for those participating in Let’s Talk Herd who are more comfortable without video.

In Part 2 Elsa talks about riding using her approach, how it unfolds and what to observe. She explains about her clinics and how other horses respond to her freedom training. She also talks about how she teaches her students and issues that arise in humans and wisdom she has learned from horses.

About Elsa Sinclair

At a certain point in her equestrian career, Elsa Sinclair decided to create a relationship with a wild mustang mare called Myrnah. She wanted to find out whether riding was acceptable to a horse with no previous experience of humans, without incentive or domination.  

Her journey with Myrnah was documented in her first film Taming Wild. Elsa has since produced another film, Taming Wild: Pura Vida, and is in the process of creating another one called Taming Wild: Evolution. In Evolution she is undergoing a similar project with two wild mustang stallions. 

“Elsa Sinclair is a professional horse trainer and instructor who brings to the horse world a unique and powerful perspective. Gathering together awareness from a variety of equine disciplines, Elsa has an enthusiasm for discovering and developing what it takes for both sides of a human ~ equine partnership to fully enjoy the process of learning and growing in the direction of their goals.

Elsa got her first pony at the age of seven. From then on, it was a constantly evolving love affair with her and the horses. One naughty pony after the next, Elsa was shown the ropes and taught what it was to work together with the horses (or not as sometime the case seemed) toward common goals.” Read more

About Elsa’s First Film Taming Wild

This all started with a question. A question I found burning inside of me for an answer. What if horses were given a choice? Would they let us ride them? Without force or tools to control, and without bribes to lure them? Could I start with a wild horse, free and unfettered, develop a language with her, build a system of communication and convince her to let me ride, voluntarily? Could this wild horse and I connect in a way so magnetic, beautiful and irresistible that force, tools and bribes were proven unnecessary? 

Could this be done within a time limit? One year, start to finish, would this wild horse be won over and let me ride her? I didn’t know if it could be done, And I certainly didn’t know if it could be done within a year. Could I really leave behind all my tools and preconceived notions and do something that was completely new to me?

This was a process that begged to be documented. And so, with the help of some amazing friends, I dove headlong into the project, followed by videographers, and photographers who helped me record it all. This film is the journey of one wild mustang off the range, Myrnah, a horse with her own mind, strength and sense of independence. One trainer, no tools, just body language. The ups and downs, the trials and frustrations, and the beauty and persevering truths connection brings in its wake.

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