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Excerpt from Shifting Paradigms with Kim Walnes

What do horses feel about us riding them? How do they feel about us at all? Discover Kim Walnes positive and deeply inspiring approach which has been developed over a lifetime of experience interacting with horses. Kim competed in advanced level eventing when she was younger and now engages in profoundly spiritual dialogue with the horses in her life.

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Shifting Paradigms with Kim Walnes

Part 1:

Kim Walnes is my guest in discussing how to align competition with the horses needs, asking for divine support, communicating parameters with horses and how to dialogue with them in different situations.

Part 2:

Discussing how the horses help us to wake up, why competitive dressage has lost its way, engagement and the riding posture, ways to give horses choice when they are being ridden and how they feel about us.

Part 3:

Gideon’s message about a horse’s perspective on humans, the importance of individuality, the potential in being present, Kim’s projects for the future, talking about the loss of her daughter Andy, into the soul dimension and a final message of support.

About Kim Walnes

Kim competed on her legendary horse The Gray Goose in Europe and the United States as a member of the US Equestrian Team from 1980 through 1986. Highlights of their illustrious career include ranking third in the world, winning Team and Individual Bronze Medals at the World Three Day Event Championships in Luhmuhlan, Germany and winning the United States National Championships at Rolex in Lexington, KY.

The US Team also came in second at the CCI*** in Boekelo, Holland, competed at the World Championships in Australia and were alternates for the 1984 Olympics. During this time, Kim worked with the top instructors in eventing, dressage and show jumping on the East Coast. Including Jack LeGoff, Bert deNemethy, George Morris, Sally Swift, Anne Kursinski, Melanie Smith Taylor, Pam Goodrich, Gunnar Ostergaard, Jessica Ransehousen, Betsy Steiner, Bettina Drummond, Col Christian Carde, Linda Tellington-Jones, Jean Claude Barry and others.

Kim was the first mother of young children to be an active competitor on the USET three-day squad. Recently, Kim has traveled widely as a clinician, instructor, consultant, and coach.  Many of Kim’s clients call her lessons “life changing,” since she works on far more than physical skills. 

My passion is empowering, supportive, compassionate teaching and training based in trust and classical principles. My commitment is to help you discover a partnership that allows you and your horse to achieve genuine mutual understanding. My gift is communication, gleaned from a lifetime of studying learning styles, biomechanics, alternative techniques, successful competition, confidence coaching, and—always—listening to the horses.

Kim Walnes

Discover The Way of the Horse

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