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Excerpt of Horse Watching with Stormy May

In the podcast we explore the subject of consent with horses and where training and riding fits into that. 

In the excerpt Stormy shares her vision for horses and how we can interact with them.

Horse Watching with Stormy May

Part 1:

Stormy shares where she is now in her relationship with horses, we discuss obedience free riding. Stormy explains how she feels about exploitation of horses and how she prefers to interact with them. We talk about dialogue with horses and the subject of horses being captive dependants

Part 2:

Stormy describes her work now with horses, we talk about the authentic horse character and how to recognise it. Continuing into trimming feet in a more awakened way, how people feel about their relationships with horses and understanding beyond training. Stormy shares more about her journey now and her perspective on performance horses.

About Stormy May

Stormy May’s early career included horse training, competition and work as a Chief Horse Management Judge and National Examiner with the United States Pony Club. In 2006 she followed her dream to more deeply study the horse human bond, which resulted in the highly acclaimed documentary, The Path of the Horse. Now Stormy coaches people seeking to learn and grow from their relationships with horses and all life. She is a lifelong student of horses, humans and our relationship with the natural world.


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2 thoughts on “Horse Watching with Stormy May”

  1. Dear Stormy,

    Thank you so much for the stories and love you selflessly share about horses. My name is Una Davide, and I am a horse trainer and therapeutic coach. I work with children with diverse needs, using horses as a form of therapy. Horses are not only therapeutic for the children I work with, but they also provide therapy for me. My goal is to spread this love and connection further.

    Currently, I am facing the challenge of being alone with two children and struggling to acquire my own land. Having my own land would allow me to realize my idea of helping the community and horses by adopting more horses and providing them with a loving and understanding home. Horses have been my life, my path, my passion, and my love since my early childhood. At the moment, I have three horses. One of them is a rescue horse, saved from a shelter. He was considered “mad” and dangerous after his racing career, but I didn’t give up on him. After just two weeks with me, Oscar became the first pony for my daughter, who was only five years old at the time.

    I have been working with horses for over 25 years, and I have never been interested in competitions. I follow the natural horsemanship method, and my only source of income comes from providing therapeutic riding and equine-assisted learning. However, I have often found that many yard owners take advantage of my good heart and love for these beautiful animals. I end up helping them set up their ranches, and once they no longer need me, I am left in a vulnerable position. I need to ensure the safety of my children, my horses, and make a significant contribution to the world of horses and the global community.

    Stormy, I would greatly appreciate any advice and guidance you can offer me for the future. I admire you as my inspiration, and I adore your documentary “Path of the Horses.” I would love to get in touch with you. Thank you, Stormy, for everything.

    With all my love and respect,
    Una Davide


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