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All About Girl with Sheila Geraghty (2) is part 3 and 4 of our podcast for Girl, Sheila Geraghty’s exceptional mare. Sheila shares some of the remarkable experience of Girl’s transition out of her body, and we talk about the cleansing processes we are experiencing as humans in general.

All About Girl with Sheila Geraghty

Part 3:

We start going into our fears around guardianship responsibility in the horse human relationship. Then we begin to explore the death process and a different perspective we can become open with. 

Part 4:

Sheila describes how Girl left her body, the  and we talk about clearing the layers of grief and conditioning that arise from being in the human experience.  

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A Transmission

this is why the longing to die, I See!! …. not to escape the superimposed limitations of the physical form, No, not that. but to somehow surRender all of everything to this Be-ing Love itSelf incarnate, this sound of HU incarnate in HUperson form. oh this longing to consciously surRender and to consciously die the parts that superimpose the illusion of earthly, incarnate limitations. these intimate parts of self which claim they dont know how to die. “kill us,” they clamor , “kill us.” yet, it cannot be that way. dying must arrive in Peace, as Peace dying must be a conscious, Willing, Love-Death , a SurRender in to Love’s Heart, a miracle of Alchemy …

like a rising Sun,

a perfectly ripe pear,

falling autumn leaves.

the appearance of a rose gold Light heart , where once lived a horse…

Sheelah Lalitha and Girl
Sheila & Girl
Artwork by Sheila
Girl Inspired Art
All About Girl
Girl by Sabina Cox

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