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Girl was (and is) an exceptional horse. She deserves her own podcast, and we realised it will be two podcasts to even start to do her justice! This first part is the background of her life, how she came to meet Sheila, and the way their lives intertwined in a deeply spiritual way. Sheila Geraghty is her loving, as well as lovely guardian who, like so many of our Soul Herd kindred spirits, is on a profound inner journey with horses.

All About Girl with Sheila Geraghty

Part 1:

We talk a little about Sheila’s eventing career and how she meets Girl. We discuss leadership with horses and what that means. Sheila shares when she began meditating with the horses and the depth of meaning in it for everyone involved.

Part 2:

In this second part we go deeper into the inner journey with horses and Sheila shares some of her own process with that.

Beautiful Thoughts for Girl

I wanted to include this beautiful paragraph written by Sheila because I feel so many of us resonate with these words. And we are all on a beautiful journey with the horses in which there are no mistakes.

I wish i had Listened. to my Whole inner self, the young and pure self, the one within who can hear Horses speak Light, the One who can hear trees whispering knowledge of all Life, the One who can hear the songs of whales and fish so deep in the oceans, I wish i had Listened to that One within who knows how to Listen, that One who can hear an elephant's belly rumble communicating about the water holes drying up, there, in Africa, 10, 000 miles from here.

I wish i had Listened to my Beloved Horse (you can hear me in horse heaven,
i know) Beloved Girl, you who wanted to show me how easy it would be to create new patterns of existence new ways of Be-ing in this world . . But you managed to convince me to Listen, finally, while you were dying your body. Now i can hear you, Now i am remembering, at long last. to Listen. The Breezes at Dawn have wondrous secrets to tell. Don't go back to sleep. I promise you, i won't go back to sleep.

~ Sheila 
At a horse event with Girl
Eventing with Girl 1998/9
Girl and Sheila on the beach
Sheila & Girl at Salish Sea
Older mare in the orchard
Older Girl in the orchard
Francis sitting in a chair meditating with Girl right there
Francis and Girl

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