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A Separate World

Going beyond separation seems to be the one unitive purpose we all share. Recognising the difference between feeling supported by the Universe, and feeling separate. It is noticeable in everything we do. Perhaps this is true for all of us, if we feel held, and loved, then we don’t need to individuate ourselves and our property in the same way as when we feel separate.

For example I notice how some people will be reluctant to share their intellectual property unless they are extracting a fee in some way. And I recognise this from my own experience. The habit of talking in subtitles, withholding information, directing attention in order to gain in some way. The parallels between this and how we relate to horses are clear. Enticing and promising, but delivering nothing until we have received what we want.

Surely we do this for one reason alone.. because we feel lacking as we are.

We feel separate, and alone, and responsible for our own survival.

And we may use horses now for sport not survival, but it’s only an extension of what we think we need to be happy.

Yet how do we live without separation in a separated world?

Horse standing close to another beyond separation

Teasing Apart Our Fear

It feels like a gentle process of teasing apart, as if the separation is a large, unwieldy matt of hair. If you ever found one of these in a wilder horse’s tail, you will know the complexity of the intertwining hairs. And there is often a collection of burrs or twigs at the root. This is how separation has become for us. Every hair feels condemned to continue the same pattern of limitation because it can’t find a way out. How can we not act separate when we perceive each other, and everything else, as separate?

This is a fun analogy because you could say that a matt isn’t separate, it is trying to come one, yet like the ego, it is not functional. The matt causes distress to the whole being. Ultimately what matters is the interaction between the hairs.

Different is not Separate

What would happen if interactions between us were able to shift and flow and support each others freedom. That the knowledge we are all one allows us to be different, and that different doesn’t have to mean separate. Separation is a perception, a mind-set, a behaviour. It is an attitude that unfolds from the illusion of fear. Fear is an illusion because when we can go deep inside ourselves, past all thought and all feelings, there is only love.

Love the eternal space of expansion, love the blissful peace of knowing. Love the unconditional, unattached source of being.

Every hair of the horse’s tail is apparently separate, and yet it comes together as one perfect silky union. This is how we can be when we remember our connection with love.

Horses grooming demonstrating going beyond separation

Teasing apart the matt is about sharing, coordinating and trusting each other.

Gladly giving away everything we think we own, and receiving it back amplified. Asking to understand from the perspective of love, which is always unconditionally giving, rather than the perspective of fear, which is always holding back.

The Golden Invitation – Beyond Separation

Every experience then becomes an opportunity to give that unconditional love or to withhold in fear. In withholding there is only more fear, and maintaining a state of perpetual fear and defensiveness. And from that outlook everyone is potentially a threat, because they can take away who you are and what you own. 

I am sure that in returning gradually to our nature of unconditional flowing, beyond even forgiveness, that the world around us will change. What we perceive will dissolve into a less separate appearance. Our communal tail will be silky and free and powerful!

And the invitation from the horses’ is so perfectly attuned to this shift. These great creatures who have proven so controllable by our fear, so obliging to our weaknesses and yet they still offer…

Can you be with us in unconditional love?

Can you un-control us?

and the gifts of accepting this golden invitation are boundless. 

Red horse showing kind eye and how to go beyond separation

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