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Holistic Herd Life with Allison Kraft is a fun dive into a variety of topics involving horse care and the process of becoming more attuned to the horses’ needs. 

Holistic Herd Life with Allison Kraft

Part 1:

Discussing the major changes in the herd Allison cares for over time, talking about hoof trimming, communication and grazing.

Part 2:

Moving into how Allison care-takes a large herd and the diversity of equine personalities. We talk about growth with the horses in various ways. 

Part 3:

Talking about natural death, bringing in vibrational manifestations and training from the flies. 

About Allison

Allison Kraft manages a large herd of horses in South Texas and has been on an impressive holistic journey with them over the last ten years. She is a deeply empathic person who is able to communicate with horses from all backgrounds as well as organise their care on every level.

Contact Allison

Photos on the ranch in 2017

Holistic herd life
Healing with Dolly
allison kraft
Allison with Edwin
allison kraft
Edwin is a young stallion
holistic herd life
Jolie and the crystal

Let’s Talk Herd podcasts are relaxed yet intelligent conversations about every dimension of holistic horsemanship. We are interested in learning from each other and sharing the unique ideas that are sparked by sharing personal discoveries. If you would like to be a guest contact Camille.

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