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Truth with Sam MacLean is a relaxed look at how we judge truth, each other and ways to dissolve our ego. All of which have largely been informed by horse wisdom!

Truth with Sam MacLean

Part 1:

Exploring whether there are absolute truths and how we can know them.

Part 2:

Talking about control and  letting it go.

Part 3:

Discussing ways to dissolve our ego and why we exist on the earth plane.

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About Sam MacLean

Over the arc of Sam’s career she has worked as: a fitness professional, public speaker, university lecturer on the mind-body connection, non-profit fundraiser, integrated marketing communications specialist, and more. It took a midlife trifecta of a divorce, unemployment and a fall at the top of a mountain to finally re-orient her life toward her passion: horses.

Her mission is to make a difference in the lives of horses and their guardians by creating heart-centered connections that support the return to harmony. Her whole-horse body-work focuses on equine acupressure, myofascial release, massage (including shiatsu, tui na and trigger point), and Reiki Shinpiden level (animal and human).

Sam also likes to share her love of HeartMath, T-Touch, energy work and other amazing modalities to improve how guardians connect with their own horses. She is a certified HeartMath Coach and Mentor and a former associate instructor at Elemental Acupressure. And, her most meaningful work is providing compassionate comfort-care to horses, their guardians and herd-mates as an end-of-life doula…offering harmony in life and in death.

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