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Horse consciousness is a collective energy that is just as powerful as human consciousness.

We might not think of it in that way, because power is often associated with control and exploitation. True power is the ability to receive. To be in alignment with our vibrational source, and let it flow through. And although it might seem that most horses are not receiving much pleasure in their lives here with us, that is only the surface view. The deeper view is that the horse collective are breathing themselves into our lives like healing mist.

They are engaging just as deeply as we do in the relationship, and in becoming themselves in it. This is why horse guardians are awakening to the dialogue between us. It is why some of us are feeling into a mutual way of working together that gives horses back their voice. Every time we find our inner truth more clearly, the horses are able to return more fully into their consciousness and into their bodies. Our lives are expanding together.

The Predator Prey Transformation

A beautiful thought came into my mind recently: This partnership so many of us are developing with horses is the meeting place of predator and prey. It is not only the meeting place, but a transformation, an integration and the formation of something new. The predator could be described as the taker, and the prey the giver. Is part of our process in this to turn that dynamic around, so we become the giver? What do we have to give the horses who have given us so much, is it our confidence, our trust, our faith and our belief in them. I feel this is so. 

This question of trust seems to be deep at the root of so much that we celebrate in Soul Herd. Even though there is a diversity of backgrounds and approaches and experiences, which I am confident will keep expanding, so often the transformational moment, the burst of clarity, and the long, gradual road to connection are held together by this one fundamental. Do we trust the horses? 

horse consciousness

It is a beautiful vibration, trust. Because it is all-embracing, and mutual. To give, it must be received, and to receive it must be also be given. Many of us began a slow awakening to the need for it in our relationship with horses.

At first we imagined it was all about being trusted. Which it is of course. In our native predator energy, we are threatening in so many ways. It takes years to dissolve into an acceptable, vibrational state where we are visible for a horse.

The Journey with Trust

And yet this is only the beginning. As the relationship grows, and widens, and deepens, it becomes clear that to become fully trustworthy to a horse, that trust must also be offered. The mutuality of the dynamic becomes clearer. And there are so many entangled ways we have constructed over time to protect ourselves from offering trust. To protect ourselves from even examining the question.

How often do we allow a horse to approach us without having to put out a hand to touch, to establish that first boundary. The hesitation we would have to sit or lie down in a field around horses. The feeling of putting a horse on a head-collar and having them contained as opposed to loose. Stables and arenas and even roads can offer a similar sense of containment.  

But these situations in which the awareness of our own safety is so acute are not wrong, or even lacking. They are a valuable groundrock, a contrast to that which might grow further. The unfolding of individuality into oneness. A oneness which can only come through the deepest sense of safety and love. This is the potential in each one of us, to find, remember, create, our own inner sense of security and trust. As soon as we feel safe, we are trusting this moment, and trusting all that is around us. 

Becoming Trust

So it seems that becoming trust is the secret that so many equine creatives are discovering. The embodiment of a profound state of acceptance in the situations we find ourselves in with horses.

As we amplify, and grow deeper in, those situations can become more challenging to our mind. And yet the vibrational reality does not change. This is the real challenge: how not to listen to our mind?

Sitting in trust with Aimee

It is those thoughts, chattering very convincingly about what has happened before, and what might happen, and how likely it is. Unless we turn it around they are not encouraging. Those thoughts chip away at our sense of security, and they know our weak points. They will talk about how horses are big, powerful animals that take fright so easily. And think of all those people who have been injured.

It is powerful to recognise that this voice is not our authentic self, and that everything it says reflects fear and hopelessness. 

Turning Thoughts Around

One of the most effective ways to reestablish our trust bubble is to remember appreciation and love, and to start with ourselves. We can use thoughts to do this too. Turn the negative thoughts into positive. Like the day my thoughts took me out of my trusting, secure vibration with Quaramba. She was so full of joy to continue our adventure together, she was swept up in that and I didn’t know how to stay with her. Instead of blaming myself and thinking of it as a missed opportunity, I looked for the perspective that felt good. That was my truth.

In that case it felt good to understand more clearly what I needed to focus on now. It felt good to know that I am growing and becoming a higher vibration because of this experience. That appreciating myself for not forcing, for allowing myself to not be ready yet, was embracing my needs. That then helped me to feel even closer to Quaramba because she has such an ability to listen to her own needs. And how wonderful will it be when our two needs align into one? So thought by thought, feeling by feeling, I could climb up into a joyous state of mind again.

Let’s Talk Herd Reflections

trust with horses

This month I introduced a new category to Soul Herd, Let’s Talk Herd Reflections. Sometimes, in fact quite often during the podcasts there are moments of such light infused wisdom that I have an urge to capture them for later. To be able to return to them and appreciate them all over again.

This, and also the parallels that surface between worlds that are so fascinating. That people from different backgrounds, experiences and mindsets coming into the same golden nuggets of understanding. I love that. 

I am asking myself why that is so heartwarming and I don’t think it relates to sameness feeling less threatening. What feels right is that when those parallels do happen, the common denominator is the horses themselves. So those golden nuggets come from the horses themselves, their voice and the wisdom in their voice.

Horse Consciousness

I don’t even think it is necessary to figure it out like that. The horses’ voice is recognisable, it stands on its own. It is both buoyant and anchored. The magic in their voice is at the root of our dedication and obsession with horses. Once you have heard that voice, and experienced its energy, you want to submerge yourself in it. You strive and you work and you don’t give up until you feel it again. I am calling it a voice, but it is horse consciousness itself. Gentle yet pervading, insistent yet subtle, and infinitely loving. 

So this month I am feeling Horse Consciousness moving into our Soul Herd space and taking up residence. It feels unapologetically, unabashedly here now, and I am very excited to see the heights it will take us to. We are giving up the reins now, both figuratively and literally, and the horses are carrying us.

I don’t believe that we need to put ourselves down to allow horses their space and their voice. In fact I believe that they are asking us to rise up and meet them, so we can experience this wonderful life together. As one merged authentic being.

horse consciousness in the herd

2 thoughts on “Horse Consciousness Is Here, November 2022”

  1. I just feel inspired reading this today, to write a kind of ‘open letter’ to all the Ones i know of who are opening the Way : Sabina, Camille, Gaby, Mary, all the Horse Beings, and the many many others i’ve yet to directly encounter> i am so grateful dear Ones, that you are exploring the openings of these portals of conscious-ness, these veils that our humanity has placed between our heart and mind, between our heart and the natural world, in order to protect ourselves from that which we believe we do not ‘know’, to shroud our innate know-ing-ness and our deep longing from inherited ingrained unconscious Belief Systems that say ‘ i am utterly insignificant in the world of nature. worse yet, I am a member of an unconscionable species that is a terrible Blight on this planet, a species that is bent on self destruction and on the destruction of this beautiful world’.
    so ingrained and unconsious are these ‘laws’, habits, etc etc etc, that we tacitly have agreed to abide by. However archaic and obsolete these ‘laws’ , we collectively /have been reluctant , loathe even , to breach the magnitude of Self-suppression. These aulde concretized Belief System tell me i am not even worthy to associate with sensitive, open hearted, gifted Way-Show-er beings like you , like horses,, like all of Nature, . yet the compelling attraction and magnetism that draws me to you belies the unconscious-ness. The words that pour themselves directly from my heart’s great longing belie the effects of unconscious-ness. Still, i feel awe. Still i feel thrilled to know of you and the Beings you commune with, and the Beloved HUpersons of Light , all of whom are actively dismantling the olde templates, the old fading false imprints overlaying sleeping consciousness. Still, i can See with my HeartSight, the Co-Createing of the New, Co-Creating the Truth of Love, that All Beings, All of Us, are made of Love. and that we have One Voice, which sings of Love, and inter-connection. Let the Veils dissolve, Let the shadows and Facades crumble. Let us Dance Togather the new patterns and templates of Life into Be-ing , Here and Now. Let us Live the Living Dream A-Live, A-Light. immeasureably vast is the gratitude and honour i feel for you. , All. i love you. All, xoxoxoxo

    • Sheelah Lalitha this is the very root that you speak of, in you.. in me, in all of us human beings so uncomfortable with our being ness. I feel that when this is resolved, dissolved and healed so that flowing grass and beautiful flowers grow back in our collective heart.. then we will be back home where the horses are calling us 💛💛💛


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