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So many beautiful reflections are coming through in our podcast that it feels important to give them extra space and emphasis here. To start with I would like to reiterate the intention of Lets Talk Herd, and of Soul Herd, which will help us to stay true to the vibrational channel of the horse collective. 

As we continue to explore the different aspects of awakening in the horses’ presence, a familiar issue has arisen in my mind. How do we appreciate the awakened state of mind without judging the unawakened? I feel that so far in our discussions, we have stayed clear of this perpetual human rut. There is a light of authentic truth that continues to shine through our words and feelings . 

Horse Consciousness

How do we find a way to share the state of awareness without resisting what it is not? To cherish the willingness to listen to horses, and to ourselves, without setting ourselves apart. Without judging those who don’t yet choose to listen as deeply or as fully. As soon as we say I am right and you are wrong we have become separate again.

It seems clear that the light of authenticity we follow is the horse consciousness, merging with nature consciousness. And it holds us steady.

All of us who seek out horses’ company know of this. It might be a fleeting memory of the depth and breadth of being-ness. The inclusivity of it. Or the full amplified intensity itself.

Close to horses we feel held, to some degree. They know when we begin to set ourselves apart, in our mind and into our energy, and they will show us.

Oneness and Individuality

There is a difference between the oneness of heart that we experience as unconditional love, and the differences in action and thought that comes from our individuality. We have no right to decide how the journey of another should unfold. This is divisiveness again, sometimes beneath a thin veil of righteousness. Maybe all teachers need to consider this before they tell a student what to do and how to do it?

Perhaps teaching is only the opening of a door for the student. Providing some tools and then stepping back to allow them create their own path with their own tools. 

As soon as we feel the unfiltered joy of the horse’s unveiled presence we want to share it. Hearing the clarity and boldness of their voice is infectious.

Now we want everyone to hear it, and the pain of seeing it blocked can be acute. In those moments it is easy to forget our own journey. How long or how hard it might have been. And the vulnerability and often heartache of those experiences that opened our pores and let Horse in.

If it was already our deepest nature, then truly appreciating the growth of another is the greatest gift we could give.

The Role of Let’s Talk Herd

It wasn’t anyone telling us we were wrong, or ignorant, or unawakened that helped us to open. We all have experience of defending ourselves from those attacks. It is far more likely that it was the steady, unwavering love we breathed in, day after day from our horses. A kind word from a wise human teacher, or hearing of another’s inspiring experience. 

This is the role of Let’s Talk Herd. To inspire and include. To understand and embrace. Creating a space of comprehension and encouragement for everyone who listens and is somewhere on their path. This is our responsibility, to channel not only the wisdom of horses, but their unconditional love. That is the true teacher.

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