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Taking down the fences between us is happening in many joyous ways in these times. I decided last month to remove the membership paywall and make Soul Herd podcasts and articles accessible to all. Although the Soul Herd Membership was a beautiful reciprocation allowing me to keep the site running, it didn’t feel as good as it feels knowing that the content is now unlimited.

The shift that prompted me to make this decision was an inner willingness to let go and trust. Both to trust that I don’t need to know how we will be supported, and the belief that we will be. 

My Faith Tree

I have something in my mind I call my faith tree. I watched her grow from a tiny sapling into a very solid young tree. She has yet to bloom and fruit, yet the fun part is watching her grow.

Every time I check in on her, she has a thicker trunk, more branches and greener leaves. 

Soul Herd Values

I have always valued authenticity and freedom above all, and I feel that these powerful forces are guiding Soul Herd. Authenticity is a practice of vulnerability and courage. Gently and patiently letting go of all of the parts of ourselves we feel we need to protect from others. And ultimately there is the miracle of realising there are no others, that we all share who we are. The paradox is that the things we are trying to hide are the false outer layers themselves! 

The horses show us this every time we are invited into their presence. The real you, you who is soft and kind and loving. You who is generous and humble and patient and who chooses to serve and give in infinite patience. This You is one with All. There are no fences between us when the layers come off. 

Letting Go of the Fences

Letting go of the fences, is letting go of not having to see the support mechanism. Yet not having to see it encourages a whole new support mechanism to appear which is perfectly aligned with our needs. As well as the pathway for visitors being clarified and illuminated so beautifully. Freedom aligns so perfectly with authenticity, so the freedom can only encourage Soul Herd to maintain her authenticity as an inclusive community. 

Fences are everywhere in the world we share with horses. It all started with a fence, and we thought we could use the horses’ power. This certainly happened on a practical level. Horse lovers don’t have to be reminded of the endless exploitation that still carries on today, in agriculture, defence and leisure… even the health industry. What we didn’t realise was that in controlling a horse with the fence of control, their wild spirit was not exploitable. It waits, beyond our reach, until we take our fences down.

Although it will be a miraculous day when our physical fences do come down, they are only a reflection of the true fences. Those sitting around our hearts that cause us to judge and divide and exclude each other in our minds. To believe that this one is wrong and isn’t doing things right, or that one is cruel. Those fences can be hidden behind pretty words from each other, but not from the horses. 

The Horses See Us 

A horse will open their heart to anyone, in any moment, when they are heard. When we leave our agenda behind and bring ourselves into their presence without defences.

This moment together in golden surrender dissolves all fences that divide us. And it is in this moment the wild spirit returns in full force!

So this is the authentic, unlimited message of Soul Herd… wherever you have been and whatever you have done, you are authentic and you are unlimited, and the horses see you there. 

Taking Down Fences

My intention for Soul Herd is to share kindness for the horses and their guardians as far and wide as possible. A horse is a big responsibility, and it is easy to get drawn into fear-based approaches that may create more problems than they solve. This community is inclusive, friendly and open minded. We are creating an environment of welcoming support and a profound resource base for all horse lovers.

It is so important to me and all of the equine creatives who are contributing their time and wisdom here, that our message is seen by as many horse loving people as possible. This is why I decided to go forward as a fully accessible platform without membership or paywall. I believe that support will come from those who can help because we all care about horses. And creating a kinder, more understanding world for them is fundamental to all of us, whatever our journey might be.

For more information about Camille Dareau visit Happy Horse Happy Human

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