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I love when new ideas are born. Maybe they just go out like a spark or they catch fire and gather momentum. Support mechanisms seem to arise out of the energies to support their growth like stepping stones. Letting go of attachment to whether an idea takes hold and expands, or snuffs out after a while has been very liberating for me. It allows the flow of ideas greater freedom, and less pressure to conform to any conditions. It also seems that every time the sparks are brighter and more joyous.

editorial february soul herd

Sharing that joy with others is one of the best things about Soul Herd. Every time a new kindred spirit joins, the way they are growing and the joy in it for them is delightful.

There is also something profoundly liberating in being able to celebrate another person’s journey, even when it is different from your own. I am continuing to explore the fullness of that. 

Being Fluid

There is something about becoming so identified with your own ideas that they become a statement about you. Then you need to defend them and make them a way of being. If they can simply be indicators towards opening possibilities that align and create a world you take joy in, then they can stay in their place once you have passed by. 

Then you are always free to keep changing, to keep expanding and exploring and becoming. You can leave the structures that were created to support your ideas behind to help others if they choose them. They are not obsolete, they are an essential part of your foundation. 

This is how the horses live. They are always moving on into the next experience, and yet valuing where they have been. They return again and again to enjoy a fresh new moment in a familiar place.

They don’t live by rules or linear experiences as much as through their deeply rooted connection to the energetic field of Source. It is that root we find so attractive in them. It anchors us too when we let it, and just being with them is enough.

celebrating ideas with the horses

Awakening is Everywhere

In a way it doesn’t matter where you find yourself along the holistic path. Whether you are deeply active in mainstream equestrianism, in competition or at riding schools, or if you are sitting out in the field with a herd. The principles that are awakening inside us are the same, and they have the same influences. 

They are remembering how to breathe. How to be still. To experience the fullness, the wholeness in a moment, like a bead of water. Discovering those spaces inside ourselves invites the horse to come there, to be heard. Whether that horse lives on their own in a stable or within an empowered herd. 

Being First 

All of the solutions for us as human beings are born within ourselves as we open space there. Horses are our companions in all situations, to seed those solutions. Horses teach us being first, doing later, or more accurately, being first, then doing as a result of being. In other words keep being and the doing will unfold itself naturally. 

It becomes so delightful to be a part of the mass awakening then. To know that there is no pressure, no fight and no struggle. To celebrate each little spark of an idea as it arrives, and love it whether it lives or dies.

To cherish the process and reassure ourselves that we can’t get it wrong because every mistake or resistance is another opportunity to discover your strength and grow. And there will always be another idea. 

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