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Witnessing love is such an inspiring choice we can make, and if Soul Herd has an identity, this would be it.

Together we are creating ideas which come about through conversation. These ideas are the result of inspiration and collaboration. We are a Herd, formed through our mutual earthen awakening.

Whenever I lose the path or the joy in what is being created, I attune myself back with the Herd. Breathing back into the merging between us. The joining, not the separation.

This feels to be an essential point in coming to terms with our existence: that which we align with, will align us. We are creators with powers that are surely well beyond what we believe. And perhaps our greatest power is to choose what we focus on. Choosing is also breathing in, absorbing and becoming. In this sense there is not a truth to discover because everything and anything we imagine then exists. First in pure vibration, and as we feed it, it will grow and eventually manifest in the material world. 

Embracing the Immaterial

As humans we tend to want to materialise what is immaterial. Kindness and gentleness, openness and acceptance are immaterial, and so they are utterly flexible. They can be summoned, seen and felt in any circumstance at all, even a battlefield or a factory farm. Of course as they are fostered and invited and fed, over time they will materialise quite naturally into the circumstances around them. This is happening all the time. The way it happens is not something we can control however, either for ourselves or others. So making rules and guide books for what the expressions of love should look like is perhaps missing the point.

What is the point then? This is our eternal question.. the one we are all answering and re-answering as we listen and grow. For me, at this time in my life right now, I breathe in the horses’ energy, and tap back into the source of knowing over and over. Allowing myself to be nothing but a receptive surface, and I am reminded of the choice I have. The one simple, innocent miraculous choice.

You can be kind, you can be gentle.

The trees whisper this, you can be the gentlest echo of love. You are love. How does your essence inspire you? And in this ease-full eternal embrace of wisdom, all problems unravel and tease themselves out, stretching into something beautiful and new.

The need to change the world softens itself into willingness to witness the perfection always cradled in the world, and this grace is the gift.

Witnessing Love

I choose for the horses in my care to run free and intermingle. I am happy for them to make their own relationships and experience their own challenges. For me the joy in our relationship is found through pathways outside of control, and spontaneity is cherished. Yet those are simply expressions of how I am inspired to express my love.

When I see horses in stables and separated in paddocks and trained with control, it is also my choice whether I see the perfection in this journey or whether I see my own inability to witness love.

We are all light beings and love is our essential nature, and it is there to be seen. Soul Herd is a witness to love in all places and in all ways. And it is this witnessing that will liberate the wisdom within all of us. 

Support Soul Herd

My intention for Soul Herd is to share kindness for the horses and their guardians as far and wide as possible. A horse is a big responsibility, and it is easy to get drawn into fear-based approaches that may create more problems than they solve. This community is inclusive, friendly and open minded. We are creating an environment of welcoming support and a profound resource base for all horse lovers.

It is so important to me and all of the equine creatives who are contributing their time and wisdom here, that our message is seen by as many horse loving people as possible.

This is why I decided to go forward as a fully accessible platform without membership or paywall. I believe that support will come from those who can help because we all care about horses. And creating a kinder, more understanding world for them is fundamental to all of us, whatever our journey might be.

For more information about Camille Dareau visit Happy Horse Happy Human

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