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Making The Invisible Visible, January 2023 - Soul Herd Magazine
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There is a distinction to be made between horsemanship and spiritual horsemanship. At some point in their life journey, a person who loves and appreciates horses will make the quantum leap from one perspective to the other. It doesn’t mean that they make a sacrifice or join a cult. Spiritual Horsemanship is a shift that happens in your heart. 


I have been diving deeply into the nature of what really matters to horse lovers. What I am feeling is an ephemeral, yet steady anchor that we can become aware of between the horses and ourselves.

Soul Herd is sharing, exploring and magnifying this seemingly invisible bond. We are making it visible by encouraging it’s manifestation and growth.

When A Horse Becomes A Friend

This is a shift that is barely perceptible in one way, yet extends us forward light years in direct experience. And there are a thousand ways to define it. Every one of the Soul herd contributors has their own unique definition. My gift is that I recognise it in them, and invite those people to share their quantum leap with you.

One of the ways I define Spiritual Horsemanship is the moment when your horse becomes your friend and is no longer a symbol. That symbol might be your success, your ambition or your opportunity to take exercise. And this is not a criticism of horsemanship itself, because horsemanship is the mother, the womb, the germinator! Without horsemanship, and all the marvellous ways it is expressed, there is no quantum leap.

Without the soil there are no trees. 

The Spiritual Perspective

Likewise Soul Herd is not about generating pressure to make that leap. Soul Herd is simply a celebration of the leap itself. And there is power in the sharing. Spiritual Horsemanship is a compelling, magical, soft little miracle that grows out of horsemanship like a flower. And we are cultivating those flowers so you can walk amongst them and breathe in all of their perfumes, and be inspired by their wonderful shapes and their unique colours. 

Soul Herd is a portal. It is ubiquitous as well as timeless. It is the doorway to a perspective. Accordingly it is multidimensional and evolving because it is a growing community of contributors who are at the cutting edge of the relationship between horses and humans.

This is your opportunity to see and understand the real people. Not just their words and their ‘front’ on social media, but their fears and desires.

Let’s Talk Herd podcasts reveal the open hearted authenticity of equine creatives who have been exploring at the frontline of what is possible with horses.

And they are not only exploring, they are stretching the boundaries and creating a compelling future for horses and how we interact with them.


The Gift Of Direct Experience

When you watch someone talking about their work and their dreams directly in that open space of potential, it is a gift. You are directly absorbing their magic. The alchemy they have been conjuring. Maybe you are also able to experience a resistance, a contrast and a moment of self definition when you feel a differing opinion. As a collective we need to value these opportunities, to take the time instead of scrolling meaninglessly. To choose to be vulnerable.

When you do this you will find a quiet miracle happening. A harmonisation will weave itself in the ether between you and the other. The value they are offering not only uplifts, but sparks your own creativity.

You find ideas and experience and opportunities unfolding in your own situation. And now you become the contributor, the creator and the manifester of the new earth we can offer our horses. 

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