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It was the horses, my Soul Herd, who first created the beautiful vibration of gold that embodies Soul Herd: The website, the magazine and the community itself. This gold is the vibrational field of their love, support and abundance. Their herd soul. When we do healing sessions together, or more accurately when I interpret their healing sessions for others, this golden vibration is the backdrop. The all-embracing space of unconditional love.

The horses are alchemists.

The way they weave and press, lever and build… the power of it is such a gift to experience. I don’t know how deeply I am actually able to receive or understand their multidimensional abilities, but even a hint is magical.

“Simply put, Alchemy is the science and art of liberating something from its fixed physical properties.

The alchemical process is rooted in understanding and working with the fluid nature of both the universe and oneself. The ultimate goal of Alchemy is to change an element, either within the practitioner or within the universe, from a less desirable state to a more desirable one.

On its deepest level, Alchemy is actually the art of engaging with and transforming one’s entire reality. In other words, it’s Magic.”


Creating Gold

Of course me and my herd are only a single star in the night sky of equine creativity. Stars are shining everywhere at this awakening time for humanity. And Soul Herd is a golden space of potential. It may be a digital presence, a membership, a platform and a resource, yet what it is beyond all of those things is a vibrational coherence.

Soul Herd is alchemy.

It is the practice of transformation. To find your own base metals, listen to them, embrace them and love them into gold. Your own unique and shining gold.

Soul Herd is a paradigm, a protocol, a dynamic. It is encouragement and inspiration, ingredients and potential.

What Soul Herd Is Not

Soul Herd is not selling someone else’s dream or ambition. Nor is it the destabilisation of your self belief so you will seek a leader. Soul herd is the pathway of your own alchemical purpose. The amplification of the magic you felt the first time you were in the presence of a horse. The first breath you shared, nostril to nostril, and the fire that has always glowed in your heart for horses. 

Many of us defend our unique light fiercely. We have come to believe that it might be weakened or altered by others, even stolen away. We have forgotten then, that we all have the same gift, the gift of inner guidance which will reveal our personal, exclusive to us, experiential delight in this world. How could that every be taken or changed or altered? And why fear in others what is glowing so brightly in us all? 

The Secret of Sharing

Creating Gold

In sharing each others alchemy, in rejoicing in the parallels and exploring the differences, we are creating gold.

Gold is the collaboration, the potential, the rich soil where every seed can plant. Soul Herd is the soil and the forest itself. It is the spaces and the light where new baby trees grow, it is the fresh practices and cutting edge ideas, all supported by the whole. 

Coherence in one initiates it in another, so your harmony feeds mine, and yet they may look very different. This is the secret of sharing. In appreciating the golden vibration in another, your own is stimulated, and when you ripple yours out, others are inspired to create their own. It is an ever strengthening spiral of creation. 

Soul Herd in 2022

Our Soul seed was planted in the spring of 2022, and the seedling has since been growing joyously throughout the year. Beautiful, talented visionaries have been joining, contributing and amplifying the Horses Voice: 

Karen Bailey shared her powerful articles, A Journey To Trust, A Horse That Cribs, Limitations & Boundaries with Laminitis and Change The Feeling.

Stuart Attwood gave us profound insights into Track Systems and Herbal Support.

Mary Walby introduced the process of Hospice for Horses and we had two fascinating discussions on this subject, The Dying Process & Sacred Space

The Soul Herd has given us both practical and spiritual herd wisdom:

Protection from FliesHorses with OpinionsBreathe with UsWaiting is a ThingFeel the WholeEssential Nature of RealityThe Ancient Language

Kim Hallin wrote about her beautiful book Horse Wisdom and we also discussed her transformational journey into Experiential Learning.

Dawn Oakley Smith wrote about her compelling work in Medicine Herd as well as contributing two podcasts, the second coming soon in 2023.

Mary Miller-Jordan has shared her exquisite experiences with liberty work in Perspective and The Safe Space of Liberty.

Nancy Bottura wrote about her beautiful approach Mindful Animal Healing.

Sabina Cox has offered her transcendental free monthly gatherings as well as two meditational podcasts: Nature Consciousness & Explorations.

Dan Astle-Carter an Equine Dental Practitioner shared his knowledge and experience in Equine Dentistry.

Kim Walnes shares her considerable experience and refreshing perspective in Shifting Paradigms.

Elsa Sinclair gave insight to her unique approach in our podcast Curiosity.

Holly Davis discussed her exceptional animal communication talent in The Power of Acknowledgment.

Sandra Mendelson shared her captivating insights into being a channel for the horses in Lightwork.

Dilara Pataudi discussed the compelling perspective of therapeutic Craniosacral work in Equine Balance.

Beth Lauren Parrish discussed her deeply inspirational approach to horses and riding in Inspired Riding.

My blog posts The Open Platform, Subtle Dialogue & Being One Being plus articles Spiritual Horsemanship & Riding Bitless round up the year!

Into 2023

Part of the fun of our projects is trusting them to grow in an organic and natural way. So much golden wisdom is already channeling through us from the horses. Appreciating the depth of enough-ness in this sparks more quantum leaps of kindness and love. There is so much potential, and so many new areas are lighting up. 

Creating Gold

This coming year already has a feeling of expansive and gentle joy. I have a feeling we will remember our gift more clearly. The gift that we can choose how we see our world, and in doing so create a world that fulfils all of our dreams. Thank you so much for being there, for being you, and for creating your gold. 

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